Tomorrow & Today

Back to school tomorrow. Today was my last day of vacation.

Back to hitting the books.

I did luck out and get a position where I'll be paid to take notes and share them with another person in my math class. An extra four hours a week of pay. Not too bad =)

For the past week, I've been walking. I don't know how far exactly, but I'm guessing close to a mile each night. I didn't do it this evening, because I did Pilates earlier in the day.

Over the summer, I read about The South Beach Diet (again), and also the book French Women don't Get Fat. I tried to do the Magical Leek Weekend thing but it was just too bad. I love leeks, but not leek juice, and not for a whole weekend.

French Women don't get Fat is definitely worth reading, however. But perhaps it should be called, "French Women don't gorge like pigs, and neither should you! .. oh yeah, and exercise."

So anyway, I've thought about things, read about things, and I've settled on South Beach.

I'm not going the Atkins route again. I don't feel like bread, potatoes, and fruit should forever be banished and replaced with supplements. I don't think it's ok to sit down to bacon, cheese, butter, eggs, and pork rinds. That's where the difference between Atkins and South Beach comes in.

Today was my first carb-less day. One down, 13 to go. It's not been bad though. Actually I feel pretty good.

I am armed with Jell-O and string cheese. I have an arsenal of Carb-Control yogurt. For the next two weeks, bread is my enemy. I've drank enough water & herbal tea to float away.

Fear Me.