Order Up!

Not only am I a full-time college student and a part-time communications specialist, I'm now also a part-time server at a local pizza joint.

I wish I had the arm strength of those German girls at Oktoberfest that carry like five big heavy mugs of beer in each hand, those pasta dishes can get pretty damn heavy.

I think that picture is hilarious!


Waiting for Summer.

In my creative process class, the professor read a poem and asked that we choose 2 lines from it to create a trading card. The poem was kinda creepy and didn't make much sense to me, anyway ..

This is mine, and it's kinda how I feel right now. I hate winter, I want summer back, bees and all.

The line from the poem I chose was:

"I will speak to you in snow language;
Answer with a fan of bees."

By Me, in Mixed Media.



Lamp, mixed media.

Of course I don't know if I love it or hate it but .. I guess right now it's a *kinda like it, but it could always be better* sort of thing.

What I *do* know is that I got an A- on my first digital project so I'm pretty happy about that.

Math test Tuesday. You probably won't hear much from me before then.

Neglecting the blog makes time go by faster.


Chickens have Peckers.

What started out as something funny that was said in my digital publishing & layout class turned into a full-fledged google search for "chicken peckers" so I could write a funny entry about it.
Little did I know there was actually a restaurant in China called that!

hahaha, "Uhhh, yeah, can I get a sack of large chicken peckers with some ranch dressing on the side? To go. Oh, and make sure to leave off those pesky chicken pubes, will ya? They get caught in my teeth."

About my haircut .. the guy had me down for *yesterday* at 3:30. I was so crushed when I got there only to find out that he never works on Fridays. But I'm very organized usually, very punctual and good at remembering when I have to be somewhere. I don't know who's mistake it was .. but now I can't get my shaggy mop of Einstein hair cut until the 31st unless I want to go to some walk-in place but I really don't. Major disappointment of the day though.

Anyway, Paulie still got his hair cut and it really does look great!


Tomorrow - Haircut.

Yep, tomorrow I'll be getting my hair cut. And I am glad because it fucking needs it badly. I've put it off WAY too long.

Not only am I getting *my* hair cut, but so is baby Paulie! =)

Too bad we don't post pictures of ourselves on here. You'll just have to close your eyes and try real hard to image how awesome we will both look, haha ..

By the way, that's not my hair in the pic, but I wish it was .. Those colors are awesome! But, since color is fleeting and way too expensive for as long as it lasts, I'm not going to do it unless I do it myself. If only I could get it to come out like that ..



For the first time ever (and probably the last time ever, too) I got all of mine in before Paulie did! =D So, I'm using my bragging rights now.

Because we all know moments like this
are truly screenshot worthy.

I'm off to read next week's English chapters, because YES .. I AM that boring since I do work when I don't really *have* to.


Fashion models are seriously going downhill.

Ain't she a treat?!

Ok, so .. I have some questions.

1) Who thought that she would be a good model, and why?

2) How does she manage to keep the SAME FACIAL EXPRESSION in all of these pictures? (seriously, click on it. It's hysterical! By the time I got to page 7 and saw the "Candy Cane Crown" sweater, I was pissing myself laughing)

3) Who told her the shiny, gold leggings were a good idea?

4) Could her glasses (and her beehive hair-do) BE any bigger?!

hahaha .. I'm sorry .. maybe I'm being mean but .. oh HELL, no I'm not!! She is about the craziest thing I've seen in a long time!

This right here is pretty funny too.


Ahh, Algebra.

Algebra, you make life fun!!

The guy who made this up was one sick and twisted fuck.

Ok, so I'm really making it sound worse than it is because math hasn't been nearly as bad this quarter as it was last quarter (YET). I think my professor is much better at explaining than that last guy was.

Surprisingly, I got a lot done this weekend and I'm glad. I finished all of my reading for English, did all of my questions at the end of each chapter I had to read, and even wrote my 500 word paper (at first I typed "500 PAGE paper", that'd be shitty!) which isn't due til like, the 21st or something.

I finished my InDesign projects, my journal entry for my Creative Process class, and my project for that as well. The professor gave us names and we had to develop a superhero character from that name, slaying a creative monster. My name was Crusty Banana Sniffer. Gay huh?! I won't post what I came up with for that because let's face it, it's way not cool.

Anyway, I'm not f*cking interesting enough. Go read Paulie's blog, for f*cks sake.



1) Paulie.
2) Songs we like played back to back.
3) A collection of movies that puts Blockbuster to shame.
4) Coffee or Diet Mt. Dew.
5) Warm weather.
6) Comfortable clothes.
7) No socks.
8) Lip balm & Lotion.
9) Falafel.
10) A comfortable place to hang out.

That's it. That's all I need. Besides sleep.


Self portrait.

This is for my arts 105 class. The assignment was to portray yourself as some sort of superhero slaying a dragon.

So this is me, slaying an old self portrait that I did for arts 102 that I thought was never good enough to turn in.

I know, it's amateur. It's supposed to be, I've never attempted anime before. I drew it first in charcoal, scanned it, then painted it (with the mouse, which SUCKS for making nice lines) in PhotoShop.

In essence, I'm *slaying* the preconceived notions I have about my ideas not being good enough or stupid. But I'm being peaceful about it.

Oh yeah, and you get to see a vague and distorted sneak peek at what I really look like. Yeehaw, lucky you. Don't get too excited though. I don't post pics of me-self online.

P.S. My first math quiz of the quarter went A-ok.
P.S. #2 Yesterday was Paulie's bday. The big 2-4.
P.S. #3 Paulie has a new template on his blog. Stop by. Order a Cognac.
P.S. #4 Applied to work at Fazoli's. If they don't call me back I'll have to bust some heads. Or, just keep looking for something else.


I'd like to break his Babylonian fingers.

Thank you Diophantus for making my life more difficult.

Scatter plots, and all algebra in general, can go to hell.



Ever used it?

We use it in one art class I'm taking this quarter.

I'm actually liking it so far .. much better than Adobe Illustrator, but so far not as much as PhotoShop.

I just wish I had a book on it. I know there is so much it can do, but it's fun just trying to figure stuff out for myself.

I'll post some of my projects as I finish them.

Waste Not, Want Not.

We throw away so much office paper here at work that I've decided to start recycling it after I read an article about how a stack of paper just 3 feet high can save one tree if recycled. Recycling a ton of paper can save 17 trees. Save the paper (office paper, newspaper, magazines) in a box, drop it off at your local recycle office every 2 weeks.

See, it's not hard!

This website can provide local environment info.

The consumerism and consumption was just getting to me. I had to do something about it.


Lengthy but interesting.

* The following is an excerpt from "The Search for Meaning" by Thomas H. Naylor, William H. Willimon, and Magdalena R. Naylor, taken from the back of my syllabus from an art class I'm taking this quarter which I'm either going to love or hate. I can't tell yet, it's too soon. But this was kinda interesting. *

"When most of us think of 'education' we think of 'school.' When you were around six, you were taken away from your family and handed over to strangers, people who were paid to educate you, as if that was not already what was going on in your life. These people, the teachers and principals in your elementary school were presumed to know something about learning which everyone else did not. They were professionals. So immediately, right at the first, you got the impression that education is something done by someone else to you or for you. Furthermore, in school, we put you in a group. We demanded that everyone in the group pay attention, remain quiet, still, and move at the same rate.

Even though we know that people do not learn in the same way, do not learn at the same rate, that chronological age has little to do with where a person is in relationship to ability to learn, schools keep treating education en masse. There is a reason for this apparent disregard for human intellectual development. Our schools were designed to prepare people to work in factories, to inculcate the skills necessary to work well on Mr. Ford's assembly line ...

Assembly line production makes uniformity, punctuality, ability to follow directions, and compliant efficiency the supreme virtues. Schools, which educate for the assembly line, have bells which ring on the hour, put great stress on everyone's moving efficiently from class to class, staying in line, following the rules ...

Perhaps schooling worked well in the 1920s. Perhaps it made sense then. Unfortunately, it makes little sense now in an economy which increasingly demands creativity, individual initiative, and personal responsibility. Tragically, most of our schools plod along as if nothing happened. Our schools manage to look more like factories than factories, to crank out people who are well equipped for a world that no longer exists. After attending schools that stifle their imagination and creativity, our children then go on to colleges and universities, which were designed to provide, for all but a few, little more than a set of skills for a vocation which could have been acquired more easily through work experience or apprenticeship.

Most tragic for the search for meaning, schooling tends to nullify education as a tool in the search for meaning. Passivity, uniformity, and mere punctuality were not helpful virtues in the search. Too many of us, by the time our formal schooling is over, have learned one lesson by heart -- education is boring and irrelevant, and its purpose is mainly to convince us of all that we do not know rather than invite us to search for all that we can know.

Each of us therefore must be "deschooled" in order to continue our education.

* * *

I was told by another professor that this would be the most important class I've ever taken.

It also says we will take risks, break rules, make mistakes, act foolishly, and keep trying.

The professor said that because most college courses are all about not making mistakes, getting good grades, and proving that you've learned something by not making those mistakes then it leaves little room for actual life learning. He said to make mistakes daily. Write them down. Learn from them. Don't feel too bad about them.

He said to take your ideas and see if they will fly, and don't care too much about the ones that don't fly. He said that each moment we meet in class is just one moment in history and that we shouldn't miss it.

I'll update when I decide on if I'm actually liking the class or not.