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I've heard it all now.

Things that were said to me or I overheard this week at work:

old man to me: You need to smile more, you're kinda ugly when you don't.

* * *

Druggie nasty woman who asked to use the phone: (says to whoever she called) What are you doing tonight? Yeah? Well if you feel like meeting up later I have two for the price of one. Yep, yeah. Her's is just as good and clean as mine. Yep. We can do whatever you want. Yeah, uh huh, we can do that .. mmmmm, yeah we can do that too. Whatever you want. So you have about an hour? Want to meet in Kmart's parking lot? We'll be in the gold Bonneville. See you then.


Sometimes I hate my damn job.


Need a new bedrom set?

If you are in the market for a new bedroom set, this site has some really nice ones!

FurniturefromHome.com believes that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, and say that their furniture will last for years to come. They offer all types and sizes, from king and queen to kid's and children's sized beds.

follow these links to find:

bedroom furniture
kid bedroom furniture
child bedroom furniture

Along with bedroom furniture they also have a wide selection of home office furniture, living room and dining room sets, and leather furniture. Just check out their selection of modern bar stools.

I am impressed with this site, and it will definitely be one that I visit when I am in the market for this type of furniture.

Fish out of water

fish1.jpg fish2.jpg fish3.jpg

Here are some rudimentary sketches for the first project in my illustration class: drawing a cliché.

I’ve been really busy with work and school already and it’s only the second week. I love my painting class, but I’m not sure yet about the others (Flash, digital illustration, senior studio.) I’ll tell you more later. In my digital illustration class we are tracing Grandpa Simpson’s head for a warm-up project, then we will trace Uncle Scrooge. For my senior studio project, I’m probably going to be designing a cookbook of family recipes. In my painting class, I am working on something in the style of Yoshitomo Nara, who I just recently discovered.

Still haven’t uploaded the vay-kay pics .. sorry .. no time!

I’ll show you my finished fish when it’s .. finished. K Thx Bye =D

Heard of Hubsess?

Hubsess.com is a new discussion/news site. The site is a collection of Hubs - a place where you can post discussions, search news, pictures, and other websites.

There currently are over 50,000 Hubs. Hubs that are currently on the site include cities/towns, sports teams, actors, musicians, politicians, technology products, and much more. Users have the ability to vote on news stories and discuss them, and there is also a tutorial section and FAQ section to get you started!

A Hub's news section is links to news articles, videos, blogs, or anything else that can be linked to. These are then tagged to a Hub. For example, the Google hub will only have news pertaining to Google.

News is gathered in one of the 2 ways. Users can submit individual stories and tag them to a hub(s). Or, users can tag an RSS feed from another site to a Hub, and the news from that feed will automatically be added to the Hub's news.

What makes this site different from other similar sites is it allows you to get the news you want and gives you the ability to skip the news you don't want.

Anyone is welcome to sign up - I joined, and my favorite hubs were SEO news and baseball news.

Go check them out now .. join and start submitting to Hubsess - Your News!

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Most recent


This is my first piece for my Painting 2 class that I will show tomorrow for critique. I had a lot of direction from the instructor and I’m happy with how it turned out. When I started out, I was just going to have the figure against the background but my instructor suggested decoupage, which I enjoy and it gives the painting something much more interesting. The used Band-aid was one we found in the classroom that belonged to a student (why she didn’t put it in the trash, I don’t know) .. anyway, it works well I think.

I’m calling this a self portrait for the time being.


I could really use one of these!

If you are like me, you are in constant need of storage space for things. Right now I'm struggling with my art supplies and keeping them all where they are together and not going to get damaged or messed up in some way. My spare bedroom's closet seems to be the best place for it now, but these types of storage bins would be much better!

GuyCarGarage.com has an awesome selection of storage bins. My favorite is the 16 Mixed Storage Bins with Shelving because the bins range from shallow to deep and are you could color code them. It would be great for housing my pens, pencils, and painting supplies.

If you are in the market for storage bins then you have to go check out GuyCarGarage.com at the above link.

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Just having some fun with my scanner and Photoshop. This is a small sized painting I worked on in my first painting class. I might submit it for an upcoming version of my school's art zine called the Silhouette. The colors are far from how my original painting looks .. but I like it just the same. Maybe even better. =)

Freeze It: Reviewed

A few days ago I unfortunately experienced the pain of pulling a muscle from lifting something at work. So I was surprised to see, that just at the right time, a sample of Freeze It advanced therapy pain relief gel arrived in the mail for me to try. Pictured is me ... using the product for the first time.

Freeze It worked quite well for me. I liked how it is in gel form and dissolves quickly, and also the menthol scent isn't very strong and then disappears completely. The green gel is greaseless and didn't stain my clothing at all .. and the 'burn' it provides gives instant pain relief. I put a small bit on nearly half an hour ago and it's still going strong.

I would recommend Freeze It to anyone who uses such products for pain relief. It is offered for $9.99 and comes in two sizes and applications, either a 3 oz. roll-on or a 4 oz. tube. The roll-on is quick and easy to apply and would be good for on the go and also handy for reaching difficult areas like shoulders or the lower back. The tube kind would be good for applying desired thickness.

So I would say to anyone thinking about trying Freeze It, give up your usual brand for a while and just give it a try.l I was pleasantly surprised and think it works much better than any others I've tried in the past.

Check out the Freeze It commercial for more info.

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Fish Finished.


I realized that my illustration could be more than one cliché .. it could be “fish out of water” .. or “I’ve got bigger fish to fry” .. or “fishing for compliments” .. I guess it could stand for lots of things. Anyway, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out =D I did turn up the contrast and sharpen it some in Photoshop so you could see it more detailed .. so, it’s not really blue … but I kinda like it that way too.