Maya Shoe .. whoo F'ing hoo!

I'm SO glad to be done with this.

The professor can take this shoe and shove it up his stanky butt.

That's not me talking, it's my aching culprit tooth, which may be extracted tomorrow at 3pm.

Law of Gravity flawed?

What will people argue about next?

Read it and weep at how crazy people really are.

Why can't science just be science?

It definitely has it's place,

and it has nothing to do with religion.


Math final.

Tomorrow. 8am.

I didn't find this until just now, but I've already done all of that within the past few weeks.

I visited tutors in the math lab, I combed over past quizzes and tests, and I did the chapter reviews. I reworked problems I had missed in the past, I studied over confusing formulas (which, he said those would be the only freebies he'd give us during the final), and I've re-read both chapters twice. Hard to believe we only covered 2 chapters in 10 weeks, but whatever.

Tomorrow. 8 am.

I'm ready.


Tooth. Ache.

I'd like to thank the makers of penicillin, Aleve, Advil, Anbesol, Orajel, Sensodyne toothpaste, and cinnamon dental floss.

An honorable mention goes to Vicodin, who is waiting in the wings in case I absolutely can't stand it anymore.

Another honorable mention goes to Burt's Beeswax lip balm for helping my lips that my dentist ripped apart today from opening my mouth too wide.

I'm sick of being afraid of dentists, but I've just yet to meet any good ones. Even the ones that swear they have a "soft touch" are rough as hell and usually mean, arrogant, and just all around intimidating. I guess now that fear is catching up with me in the form of bad teeth.

I want the damn thing pulled, but the dentist refused, saying the roots are too close to my jawbone and he cannot pull it without breaking my jaw.

It's the same song and dance I heard when I had to have my impacted wisdom teeth cut out. The minute they woke me up from the surgery they told me, "Those teeth were VERY impacted, we almost broke your jaw trying to get them out .. "

But then again, 2 other dentists have said they'll pull it, no problem.

I don't know who to believe, but I'll let you know how it pans out.



I studied for two hours last night for my english final.

Today, when I arrive to take it, I am handed a single sheet of paper,

bearing one task.

"Please write a 50 word essay on what you have learned in this class and how I can make it better for next quarter."

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.



I found this article interesting, especially the part about how she is adapting to life as a commoner by taking driving lessons and practicing supermarket shopping.

Welcome to the real world, Sayako. I hope you can handle it.

I hate royalty.


Final Freakout.

Ok, this is all just becoming very humorous to me.

Today, we were supposed to review for our math final for an hour and 50 minutes.

I was SO looking forward to it. I had my list of questions ready.

Did we have the review?

No, we didn't.

Did we even have an ENTIRE CLASS PERIOD?


The teacher had to leave 28 minutes into class to go to a funeral that was 2 hours away.

Because someone in his life died, WE SUFFER. Doesn't quite seem fair huh?

Ok, ok .. I'm being selfish. But WHY did it have to be on the day we review for our final?!

Why couldn't that bastard have waited to die just a FEW DAYS LATER?!

Oh hell, I'm being crass.

THE FINAL IS MONDAY! We only have ONE more day class day to review for it!

I say again .. couldn't that poor mofo have just held on to life a little longer so I could get some decent class instruction for my final?

Goodness gracious, I need to shut my selfish, insensitive mouth up.

Oh, but to put the REAL goddamn icing on the cake, we were notified today, to our surprise, that our math final WILL NOT be multiple choice.

We have been told it *would* be multiple choice from day One since allllll the way back in September and now suddenly, "Oh guess what? Your final isn't multiple choice anymore. hehe, surprise!!"

And it's even printed on the SYLLABUS .. "Final will include multiple choice along with a few extended answer questions."



I only wish for greener pastures and smoother quarters from now on. Please, gods of college or whoever controls this type of shit, grant me this one wish!

I'm sorry. I think my soul has been taken over by that of my evil digital art professor.

*he undid my work, built my 3D object right before my eyes in 5 minutes, deleted it all .. and told me, "It's as easy as that! Now YOU do it!" Wednesday, I will take a tape recorder with me and record his showoff ass so I will know what he's talking about, but then again, what am I going to record? Him clicking around on the mouse and keyboard? *sigh*

For more ranty updates, go visit my boyfriend's blog. He's updating like mad lately (well, kinda) .. and he's on fire, perhaps even more than I am!


Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.

*Instead of studying for finals, what about just going to the Bahamas and catching some rays? Maybe you'll flunk, but you might have flunked anyway; that's my point.

* Instead of having "answers" on a math test, they should just call them "impressions," and if you got a different "impression," so what, can't we all be brothers?

* Appropriate for finals week.



Lately I've been thinking on my final project for my drawing class, and I decided that I need to think about influences. And after I decided that I decided to make a list of influences. Lots of deciding going on in these couple of sentences. Anyway.


I'll add to this list occassionally because I'm sure I've forgotten some people.

The biggest influences of all, of course .. my boyfriend Paulie, and my late grandfather, who have both helped me see the light on things when I had no clue.

Photographers: Alyson Klutenkamper, Shelby Lee Adams

Artists: (of course all of these are artists, but .. y'know what I mean) .. Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, D. Hill (artist in Amsterdam from California, wish I knew her first name so I could search for her online, damnit)

Authors: Alice Sebold, Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King

Directors: Quentin Tarantino, Sofia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton, David Lynch, Rob Zombie

Honorable Mentions in no specific category or order of relevance (yet): Todd Oldham, Charles Darwin, the Smurfs, American Beauty, Pulp Fiction, Amsterdam

That is all. For now.


Damn the Man!

I was assigned yet *another* english paper.

I got the crazy, nonsensical, absolutely and utterly mindfucking details of my Maya project.

I got the study guide for my math final, and test #2 (only two tests the whole quarter, and they count for more than the final actually).

I got help on test #2 from Paulie and also from tutors in the math lab today, and I'll be going back tomorrow to finish up and get some additional help.

So far, I'm running A's and B's in everything as far as I know. The A's in math and english, B's in the other (I think ..)

For some reason, in the art classes at my school you are left guessing your grade until the end.

More when this all dies down.


The calm before the storm.

I understand just how the little guy feels.

I say 'the calm before the storm' because the week or two before finals, there is a strange calm. Very little homework, very little known about what is to come.

Paulie is just finishing his up, and I am just embarking on the beginning of mine.

Tomorrow I will receive my Maya project details, and my study guide for my math final. Tuesday I will get more details on my final project for my drawing class, and also my english final.

Luckily my 18 page research paper, which I titled 'The Banning of Huckleberry Finn: History Cannot be Debarred,' was handed in 11 days before its original due date. At least I have that out of the way.

Because I know the others are going to kick my ass.

In other news, I chose my classes for next quarter. I'll be taking my last english (YAY!), my next to last math (semi-YAY!), a digital publishing/layout class, and a class focusing on the process of creativity.

Hope it's more interesting than this quarter has been, because this quarter SUCKED. I picked a bad course combo or something. And all my teachers were men =/ and will be again next quarter! *sigh* Nothing against men, but I like to have a little variety in my classroom diet.


High Score.

I'm going to keep track of my high score on Bookworm.

This isn't the highest rank I've had, but I can't remember my highest score.

This way, I won't forget.


Say it isn't so!

(Which could also fall under the title of my infamous "What's wrong with People?" category .. )

I heard on the radio this morning that THIS is the most popular toy at Christmas this year.

Owl Puke.

I don't know how credible the source was, but it WAS on the radio and the guy was supposedly reading from some survey he found somewhere. I don't know the whole story, it was 7:30 am for god's sake. Anyway, back to my story.

OWL PUKE. Owl puke guys!!

What's wrong with people?

With the kit running a mere $13.95, kids (and probably some adults too) can enjoy playing environmentalist or scientist or whoever the hell dissects owl puke .. and actually dissect, uhh .. owl puke.

Search under any tree in your backyard where an owl sits and you shall find an abundance of gray pellets which are .. you guessed it .. OWL PUKE. And since owls cannot digest the bones of their prey, you can dissect the pellet by peeling away the fibrous gray matter and VIOLA, you can then marvel at the skeletal remains of whatever the owl had for dinner last night and then puked up like some anorexic teenager with a bad self image.

Sound like fun? I didn't think so either!

Can't you get diseases from shit like this?

*sigh* What WILL they think up next.

Now back to my riveting nightly game of Bookworm.

Compliments of Math Professor.

My math professor recited this yesterday in class. I was impressed, and even a little choked up over it.

It Couldn't Be Done

Somebody said that it couldn't be done, but she with a chuckle, replied

that maybe it couldn't, but she would be one who wouldn't say so 'til she tried.

So she buckled right in with the trace of a grin on her face. If she worried, she hid it.

She started to sing as she tackled the thing that couldn't be done, and she did it.

Somebody scoffed: “Oh you'll never do that; no one ever has done it.”

But she took off her coat and took off her hat, and the first thing she knew, she'd begun it.

With the lift of her chin, and a bit of a grin, without any doubting or quiddit,

she started to sing as the tackled the thing that couldn't be done, and she did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, there are thousands to prophesize failure;

there are thousands to point out to you one by one, the dangers that wait to assail you.

But just buckle right in with a bit of a grin, then take off your coat and go to it.

Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing that cannot be done, and you'll do it.

- Edgar Guest (1881 - 1959)

Edgar A. Guest began his illustrious career in 1895 at the age of fourteen when his work first appeared the the Detroit Free Press. His column was syndicated in over 300 newspapers, and he became known as "The Poet of the People."


Evil Professor.

I put in hours on my Pooh as Tigger project.

He told me just DAYS ago that it was looking good.

At the critique today, he ripped it a new asshole basically.

He said Pooh's stripes looked like they were floating on top of his body.

He said he told me NEVER to use flat black (don't recall .. but whatever.)

He said my orange colors weren't working.

He said *nothing* good.

Yet, there were others there whose stuff looked horrid, which he RAVED about.

To quote Maddox, I've pissed patterns in snow more coherent than that.

Ok, so I've never pissed in snow, but if I HAD .. it would have looked better.

Some had no backgrounds.

Some didn't even look like the object the person spent 3 weeks painting (or, supposedly spent 3 weeks.)

So, I don't get it. I knew college would be full of good critiques and bad critiques, but I had faith this one would be good.

Next up, my Maya project. 3D modeling.

I am very, very afraid.

* * *

In other news, I get to interview one of the Oak Ridge Boys. Maybe.

Y'know the ones.

my heaaaaaart's on FIRE for Elvira ..
giddyup .. mmmbopmmmbop maw maw ..
Hi Ho Silver, AWAY!

Yeah, them.


October 23rd.

This year the day came and went.

It wasn't that I was too busy, or that I had forgotten, or wasn't thinking, because actually, all I was doing that day was thinking.

I didn't write my tribute, which I've done for the past two years.

My Papaw loved me. He may not have always agreed with every decision I made in life, but he never EVER made me feel bad about any decision I made for myself.

He stood beside me through everything, and backed me up no matter what.

He went to bat for me more times than I can even speak of.

Never raised a hand to me, never raised his voice.

When my Papaw told me he was proud of me, which was often, I actually believed it. I could tell he meant it, and that it wasn't just something he was saying. When he told me that he knew I had done my personal best, I could feel that his words were real .. and that .. that was the greatest.

If I made a mistake, he never made me feel terrible about it. He helped me try and try again if at first I didn't succeed.

There was never, EVER a doubt in my mind that he loved me. He let me know that all the time.

When we both got computers, we talked every day. He loved to sit and talk with me until he was so sleepy he could hardly talk or type any more. When he didn't feel like typing, we would use our microphones. If we weren't able to talk on a certain day, we would email all day long.

He emailed me just hours before he passed away. We talked about a leather jacket.

How I wish so bad that I could talk to him again just one more time. It wouldn't be about a goddamn leather jacket, that's for sure.

I miss him terribly. There were days after he passed away that I just wasn't sure why I was still functioning in this sometimes miserable world while he was gone. It didn't seem fair that such a great person was taken away. In another way, it didn't seem fair that he was gone from my life so soon, and I had no idea how I was going to make it through without my "best buddy."

But, I kept on breathing. I kept on waking up in the mornings, going to sleep at night, and trying my best to hang on to every memory I could of him.

It's been 2 years, and to my surprise the days have gotten a little easier, but there are still some rough ones where I just wish I could tell him some things. I wish he could see sometimes what life is like now. He always had solutions to any problem. He was a rock and could handle anything in the world. Difficult people were no issue for him. Difficult situations weren't either.

He was just .. perfect.

So, almost exactly a year after my Papaw passed away, I fell in love with Paul.

He may have no idea exactly how much he helped me with the grief, even before we were a couple. But he did .. he made me smile even on the days where I felt like the whole world could go to hell for all I cared.

And it wasn't long before I noticed how Paul loved me. How he stood by me, backed me up no matter what, and went to bat for me many times.

Never raised a hand to me, never raised his voice.

He tells me he's proud of me .. and I can tell he means it.

I never have to guess if he loves me or not, because he tells me and shows me all the time.

We may be apart right now, but he will sit and talk to me every day (night for him, with the time difference) ... until his eyes are heavy with sleep.

If we can't talk on a certain day, we email. All day long.

And now I have a new "best buddy," who just happens to also be someone I'm so crazy about and love so much.

And although I miss him when we are apart .. it's just comforting to know that this best buddy is not one I have to miss forever. This best buddy I can love with all my heart and spend the rest of my life with.

He's always there for me .. he never lets me down. When there's a difficult person or situation I run into, he helps me through it. He does so much ..

He is just ... perfect.

Once I thought my life would never be complete again .. and now, it's so complete I can barely fathom it sometimes.

Happy Anniversary again Paulie, I love you ...

* * *

*disclaimer* I rarely write personal stuff, but this had been on my mind for a while.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled postings about random stuff.

Your little peek into my big world has now concluded.

We are one year old!

haha, one year old .. yeah sometimes we might act like we are =D but what I really mean is, we've been together for one year!

Yesterday was me & Paul's 1 year anniversary.

And Halloween too =D But more importantly our anniversary.