*GAG* // and Read the Update!!

Ok, so Focaccia .. it looked good on the box .. it sounded like something decent for dinner .. but it tasted like cat food wrapped in hard-as-a-brick bread! The outside had nothing on top like in the picture, and in the middle was not mozzarella cheese or spices or roma tomatoes but this weird, brown, sorta meaty, wet cat food-like substance that tasted like complete hurl.

I emailed Cedar Lane about it because whatever I paid for wasn't at all what was advertised.

I'm wondering if I did actually end up getting cat food ... or worse!



I emailed the company and provided them with the lot number 042206A .. which wasn't visible unless you looked really hard at the box (it was embossed on a side panel).

They responded quickly letting me know that the product had expired on April 22, 2006 and that Kroger should not have had it.


How fucking gross. I'm glad I let them know .. and I'm about to call Kroger and let them know too. What appeared to be cat food was just old, rotten cheese & tomatoes! BARF!!!

Wish this could work on my next math quiz.


Our cat gets pretty damn comfortable.

He laid in this position for well over an hour! And he just loves that chenille blanket.

These came out really dark in my room and I didn't want to scare him with the flash, so I hope the high contrast and brightness levels aren't annoying.

I wish I could get that comfortable!


Go Sanjaya!

Ok, so youngster Sanjaya Malakar didn't do all that great (according to the judges, I disagreed!) on the first night when they showcased the 12 guys on American Idol .. but cut the guy some slack. He was probably nervous as ever (wouldn't you be?), and think alllll the way back to his audition when he wowed everyone with, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," .. not just anyone can rock Stevie Wonder style!

*sigh* I can't hardly wait until Thursday to see what the outcome will be. He definitely didn't get any good feedback on Tuesday, which was upsetting. But they had to pick on someone, right? Best to pick on the youngest? The one with the least experience?

Nah ..

Don't let them fool you Sanjaya. I still think your style was more unique and unlike any American Idol we've seen in the past. I just hope the other voters could see that too so you can stay in the competition!

Well, if Suzi Sez it then it must be true.

That's the motto I stand by anyway .. and have since I found Suzi's blog, I'll tell you what it Shwas, way back when I first discovered her on Blogexplosion. Suzi is witty, upbeat, and fun to read .. whether she's blogging about basketball games or sharing stories about her handsome granddog, Stanley. There's never a dull moment at her site and plenty of visual stimulation to see through her photos and the occasional video.

However, today I'm to write a review the recent entry which Suzi amusingly titled, Cwoffee Twalk. Go ahead, read it, and then come back to me and tell me .. who else could possibly make you laugh while blogging about something like pregnancy insurance? And of course, if I saw a link on any other site talking about pregnancy insurance I would surely pass it right up. But this made me curious. I followed that link. I learned a thing or two even! .. while still cracking up over the thought of discussing a vagina as supple as a rose petal or creative uses for olive oil.

You go, Suzi. I have no doubt you can turn even the most mundane topics into something hilarious and extraordinary.


Money in Your Pocket!

Ok, so you might have noticed I joined PayPerPost recently to see if maybe it would be something I could have some fun with, to keep my hobby of blogging interesting.

Little did I know that not only do they offer opportunities for you to blog about their sponsors and make money while doing so, but you can also have people review your own blog entries .. and they get paid to do so too! It's a win/win sort of thing.

What could be more fun than making some cash while blogging?

Nothing I can think of.

Check it out!

get paid to blog



Did he just say 'infinite sex'?

Math makes life fun!

I am barely grasping the concept of sets and elements of sets and roster notation or set-builder notation or mapping or unions or intersects, natural numbers, infinity or any of the stuff and symbols listed above.

But I have to fully understand it before next Tuesday because we have a quiz on it.

There are people in my class that seem to understand it just fine. They even skip out on the last half of class .. they never take notes, or they doze during lecture but seem to be doing well on tests and stuff. Maybe they have had this already in the past? It's all totally new & foreign to me .. like learning a new language.

I cracked up in class today though because the professor kept talking about, "Infinite sets .. "

so I thought it would be funny to turn to my friend Kandi and say, "Infinite sex .. "

and she replied, "That's the kind you have when you're drunk. Kinda like running in place, you never really get anywhere."

I'm still laughing over it.


A memorable Calvin & Hobbes ... & a sad evening.

Click it to read it.

A bit of bad news tonight has me really down ... the orange & white baby kitty that has hung around outside my work for several months has been hit by a car just tonight. I was driving to the grocery tonight after work and saw him laying in the road. I hoped it wasn't him and I passed back by on my way home and I saw that it was definitely him.

Sad day ='( It sucks so bad. Stuff like this just crushes me.


Holy shit, a heatwave!

I see on Wednesday it's going to be a balmy 47 degrees here.

Good. I'm sick of the solid sheet of ice in my driveway that's been there for a week.


Spring Quarter schedule.

It's already that time again .. and this will be my last quarter ever before we switch to the long, grueling semester system =(

I'm trying to cram in as many classes as I can before the change happens, so this time I'm going to try to take 5 classes instead of 4.

I signed up for:

Visualist Studio 1
Digital Publishing & Layout 2
Painting 1
Life Drawing 1
and Geology 111: Rocks, Minerals and Fossils

I will drop either one of the art electives (drawing or painting) if it's too much to handle. The rest I pretty much have to take before the semester conversion .. no choice in the matter.

Taking 5 classes means I'll be there on Mondays from 10am til 10pm but I'll have breaks in between to leave campus to go have lunch or to stay and get some projects and studying done.

If I make it through all 5 classes, I will only have 8 classes left to take to get my degree, or only 6 if I find an internship to do during the summer.



I really REALLY want this shirt.

Channeling Chilly Willy just to get by.

< begin some truth + some drama >
My skin is a wreck from wind.
My hair is a wreck from dry air.
My lips are constantly chapped.
I might as well buy stock in Aveeno.
I have sniffles that won't go away.
I might as well buy stock in Kleenex.
It HURTS to go outside.
My bones ache.
I'm stuck in a frozen wasteland.
I might as well be in Antarctica.
< end some truth + some drama >

Repeat after me:

I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm. I want to live where it's warm ....


I see interesting toilet trips in my future.

I just drank Naked's Green Machine which contains:

2 apples
1/2 a kiwi fruit
1/2 a banana
1/2 a pineapple
1/2 a mango

Green Tea
Blue Green Algae
Barley grass
and Wheat grass.

it was yummy .. but I have a feeling I'm gonna be regretting it later.


Another something to look forward to.

I just learned that my favorite author, Harvey Pekar, has two new books coming out this spring!

I pre-ordered both of them, Macedonia and American Splendor: Another Day.

I happened to find an email address to send fan mail to Harvey and I gave it a shot this evening. I thought the email to be returned right away, the website I found it on hasn't been updated for a long time, but so far so good. I don't expect to hear anything back .. but who knows. If I do, it'll be something to print & frame =D

Although I know it won't be easy to find everything, I have a goal to own as much of his stuff as I can .. take a peek at my amazon.com Wish List if you'd like. Not begging, just sharing =)

My Amazon.com Wish List


Brochure I designed [revamped 02.05.07].

For my visualist studio class. The assignment was to create a tri-fold business-to-business marketing brochure to promote email marketing software for antique malls throughout Ohio and the Tri-State area. The feel was supposed to be sophisticated rather than flea-market and target a fairly low-tech audience to communicate advanced technology in a classical theme.

I put quite a bit of time into it. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Pardon the blurring on the top panel mailing label for privacy reasons, because it just so happens I used my own address.

In other news, I made a new blog header today as you can see ... just playing around with some of the new Photoshop brushes I found at brusheezy.com. They are awesome!

*Critique Update*

the professor didn't like the orange color I had along with the purple in the other version. He said they were too close to the same saturation and sort of *fought* when they were placed side by side. I didn't think so .. I kinda like purple & orange together, but maybe that's just me.

So, I took away the orange and now we're left with plums and cream. Yum. And a business reply card to boot.