My 2nd best buddy.

This is Paulie's cat, Gino. It's really spelled "Djino," and he's also known as Nino, Neen, Japa-Nino, among other names I can't think of right now.

We cuddle on the daily, but if he sees me somewhere else in the house or outside, he acts like he doesn't know me. Player Kitty.

Paul said he is going to update his blog today. I know, I'm in shock too! We had a great Christmas together. I'll tell more on that later.


It could happen ..

Happy Birthday to Me.


Our first tree.

But our 2nd Christmas .. we put the tree up today. And here it is.

I have more pics of the event, which maybe I'll post later, like a really old box of Christmas lights that we used. The box is funny because it's all 70s looking ..

My birthday is Friday. I think we are going to see King Kong in Amsterdam =)

* * *

P.S. I love StatCounter .. the counter at the bottom of my blog? It gives me all the info I need to see who peeps by, and even for how long, and which entries they read. I can even tell when someone searches for me by screenname. Handy feature. IPs and all.


A Must Read.

This book is really good.

I read it when Paulie is studying.

* * *

As you can see I have a new layout. I love it.



For fall quarter ...

math - B

digital art - B

drawing - B

english - A

Probably won't be many, if ANY, more updates til January. I'm busy having fun with Paulie!

But feel free to keep stopping by. Read my faves or something.