7 months = 213.057949 days

7 is known to be a magical number, a perfect number, a lucky number ..

there were 7 dwarfs ... there are 7 seas ... 7 deadly sins ... 7 virtues.

When people are ecstatically happy they refer to it as being in "7th Heaven" ..

In baseball there's the famous Seventh Inning Stretch ..

7 is a number that cannot be divided into evenly,

7 is an awesome movie starring Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt ..

7 rhymes with heaven ..

But whatever information you can think of when you hear the number 7 ..

the most important thing about that number is that ..

Paul and I have been together for 7 months today!!

Although not *together* together right now ... we will be soon =) As you can see from the counter on your right hand side.

It's a long story about how we got together so I'll save that for a rainy day. For a long time, nobody knew about our relationship. It's a great story though =D so someday I'll tell it.

But for now I'll just say that it's been the best 7 months of my life and I cannot WAIT to see him again. I cannot begin to tell you how great he is, how good he is to me, and how much I love him. He knows all of this already because I tell him everyday, multiple times per day .. haha ;)

I just wanted to shout from the Blogspot Rooftops to the rest of the Virtual World how much he means to me .. he means the world to me!!

Happy Anniversary Paul!!! I love you!

Tigons, Ligers and Bears, oh my?

Ligers Posted by Hello

I didn't know there was such a thing.

Would you not straight up SHIT in your pants if you saw that thing running toward you?

South Park

If I was a South Park Character .. Posted by Hello

Get your own South Park character here


Hell's Kitchen

Did anyone happen to catch the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen tonight on Fox? Those of you in the Pacific timezones still have a chance.

I normally hate reality television (well, other than The Apprentice)
but this show is super cool.

Gordon Ramsay has got to be one of the rudest, toughest professional people in the world. He makes Simon Cowell of American Idol look like Tinkerbell.

Catch it if you can ..

and if you can stand it, watch Nanny 911 beforehand too. It's full of bad parenting and screaming, bratty children who get told off and taught how to act right by some snooty British nanny (no offense to anyone reading from England, but it's the truth, and she DOES straighten their asses up). I thought that I wouldn't be able to stomach it, but it was actually great for a laugh.

P.S. thanks to all who signed my GuestMap!


Posted by Hello

I'm still highly impressed with the collage option on Hello, haha .. I don't know why!

Anyway, my dog Andy, aka Drew .. aka Panda .. aka Rooney ... well, he is one of my 3 dogs. And .. a painting I did earlier today. I'm not a flower person but I do like the way they look when painted.


Pin my Guest Map!

I see I get quite a few visitors here daily .. but no one ever pins my Guest Map. I'm not trying to be an attention whore .. I'm just wondering who stops by.

Go sign! Please? =D

I'm wondering who some of you are ... especially the ones visiting from Bellsouth.net.


Final Project v2.0

part of my final project for painting .. v2.0 .. click to view, it's better that way. Posted by Hello

It's taking on a whole new look. I went crazy with sponging on the magenta, and also threw handfuls of wet sugar and salt all over it (as you can see from the white areas) ..

Taking a picture of it kinda helps me to see what it might look like when scanned or when I mess with it in Photoshop (IF I do .. that is, not sure yet)

What I'm thinking about doing now is painting some streetlamps on watercolor paper .. and in different sizes to make it look like they are close up and further away. I'll stick them on with just something to make them stay long enough to scan it .. because I'm really happy with the way the painting itself turned out and want to keep it, but without the other stuff stuck to it, that's just for scanning purposes to make it a digital image for my final.

This may sound weird, but somehow when I look at this painting it reminds me of my last birthday, when I was in Amsterdam. I'm not even sure why, but it does.

I wish my digital camera would show the true colors .. because the pinks and purples of this are much richer in real life. Almost burgundy in some places .. while in other places, almost hot pink. It works well, and I wasn't sure if it would.

Who knows what the finish product will look like. This is just Phase 2. I have another week to work on it. It could take on a whole new look .. AGAIN.


1200 milligrams of calcium

Magnetic Poetry and Flowers. The flowers picture was actually taken by me earlier today.. I'm not a big flower lover, but I really like the way these turned out. Posted by Hello

I worked most of the morning and evening on my final project for painting. I scrapped the idea below, the red & black is a bit depressing and not the feeling I want to convey. I covered my canvas with strips of brown paper bag, tissue paper, and coffee filters, and painted over them with a deep purple and a little magenta. Tomorrow after it's more dry I'll probably add some more magenta to brighten it up a little. It has a leathery look at the moment and I like it.

I'll let you know how it progresses. I'll still be adding to it up until it looks finished to me. Long way to go.


Final Project

Self Portrait Posted by Hello

This is just a sneak peak of it. For my final project in painting I'm going to do a mixed media piece .. paper, canvas, acrylics and found objects .. *maybe* scanned and mounted after all is said and done, I don't know yet.

Eyes censored for privacy issues. I'll post the work when it's finished.


Can't get There from Here

It's not just the title of an REM song anymore, today it was the story of my life.

My painting teacher was impressed with my Blythes but unimpressed with the way they were presented. I hung them on the corkboard during the critique on Tuesday in plastic, protective sleeves which tended to hang strangely, even when tacked on all sides.

So .. she advised me that it might be neat to blow them up and mount them. I had no idea where to do that and I knew my school didn't have the equipment to handle the job. She advised me to head up to Even-Smaller Anonymous University because they had a great lab for handling big print jobs.

So .. I went.

And I got terribly, terribly lost.

The town is even smaller than the one I live in now, but I still got horribly lost. I took the wrong exit. I entered the residential area. I ended up in Bumfuck Egypt, feeling carsick, headachey, and needing to take a piss really BAD.

I found a strange market that looked a lot like an old general store you'd see in a badly sepia-toned image of a "ghost town", you know .. like those places made up to look like ghost towns but they actually aren't?

Tumbleweeds, crickets chirping, you name it.

I went inside, and a lady who seemed as if she had been smoking Kools since age 4 gave me wrong directions AGAIN and would not let me use her restroom.

I had nearly decided to go home and try another day, but I was so damn close! I've lived in huge cities and never gotten lost like this. I've bragged about my keen sense of direction. When I FINALLY took the correct exit and saw the school standing in all it's glory, I had to hold back tears of joy.

Ok, not really.

But it was a wild day, and I *hate* getting lost. Especially in these tiny towns that barely make a dot on a map when you try to find them.

The Reward:

My Blythes are printed onto 17 x 24" glossy Lustre paper and soon to be mounted onto foam core. It's my first large work and I'm proud of it .. I hope there will be many more in the future.


The easiest way to get out of a math test

Two huge bags of a white powdery substance were found on my campus this evening.

Math test was cancelled til Thursday.

So they are calling it an Anthrax scare.

Probably just someone really wanted to get out of a huge test, I mean it IS near the end of the quarter.


And I studied so hard!

Now I gotta study more til Thursday else I'll forget it all.

Stupid bastards.


Don't get all excited, it's not an update about the anthrax scare.

It's an update to say I've just completed my last Blackboard posting for the quarter! whoo hoo! Those things were a real pain and I'm glad to be done with them!

Don't Control my Remote Control

I wrote an essay this morning in English class about censorship. It was an argumentative essay and I took the stance that the government should stay out of what we watch on television or what we listen to on the radio.

What's more offensive: images of death, destruction and war .. or a quick flash of Janet Jackson's breast during the Super Bowl?

What's more offensive: seeing Nick Berg decapitated on national television during prime time viewing hours, or hearing Howard Stern utter one of the Seven Dirty Words on his radio show, which was known for years as being filled with sleazy talk?

What's *really* more shocking?

What's easier to explain to a child: why we are killing people in other countries, or why Janet Jackson has a naked body under her outfit .. just as we all do?

We have the power to turn the channel if we don't like what we are watching. We have the power not to sit down to watch at all. But when the government dictates what they believe is offensive and what is not, that is where the unfairness starts.

While researching, I found a website called TV Watch. Who really knows if petitions such as this do any good? Perhaps they do.

If you want to make your voice heard over the people who think it's ok for the government to control what we watch or listen to, go here: TelevisionWatch.org.

"I disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it." ~Voltaire


Bog Bodies

Posted by Hello

I am loving my Hello software, it's the coolest.

If you are wondering about the picture, it's my next attempt at either practicing drawing or painting, but there is a reason why I chose this particular picture to draw or paint later.

I saw something on tv a few years ago about the Bodies of the Bogs. Go read about them if you want the full story.

Basically, these people were buried (somehow) in peat bogs. No one is sure how they ended up being buried there, but the bodies were well preserved in the bogs. I remember one man they showed actually still had whiskers on his face, and close up you could see each and every pore on his face, each scar .. he had been lying in the bog on his side, and you could see how his face was pushed upward, just as if was meant to be that way.

They looked like carved statues. Some had hair, some still had their clothes that were in good shape, some had nicely manicured nails (well, as nice as it can be for a dead person).

So they may not be beautiful to look at .. but I'm just amazed at how the peat preserved the bodies to look so statuesque.

Click here for more pictures/stories .. The last picture on the right hand side is the man with whiskers I spoke of above.

Once Again ..

once again presenting .. KC!! (the Sunshine Band couldn't make it tonight) .. my boyfriend took this one .. =D Posted by Hello



Right now, he is pondering how much he hates me .. and wondering if there is any wallpaper to be ripped to shreds. Actually, I'm just testing my Hello software. Posted by Hello


That crazy Jonathan Swift!

Ok, I'll admit, I didn't recognize who the hell he was until I realized he wrote Gulliver's Travels (which I admit I've never read, but still, I've heard of it at least)

Anyway, for my current English class I was assigned to read his essay "A Modest Proposal", which he wrote back in 1729. To be such an old essay, it's a pretty easy read.

If you enjoy satire and you've never read the essay, but want to, Click Here ..

At first read, you may think Swift is insane (and maybe he was, who knows). Satirically in this essay, he suggests that the Irish should eat their offspring. He says there are too many starving children, and too many parents who just keep breeding and cannot take care of their kids. So .. to remedy this problem, he thinks it would be best to fatten the child up til they are one year old, and then eat them, whether as a fricassee or a ragout.

Baked, broiled, stewed, or roasted .. doesn't matter to Swift.

Being a non-breeder, I found it pretty humourous.

Fall Quarter Schedule

Monday & Wednesday

Math 101 - Basic Algebra & Geometry 08:00-09:50
Arts 106/Digital Foundations - Photoshop, Maya, Freehand, & QuarkXPress 10:00-11:50

Tuesday & Thursday

Arts 101 - Black and White Drawing 10:00-11:50
English 112 - Composition and Research 12:00-1:50


My Blythes

Watercolor by Me, Digitally Enhanced by Me using Photoshop 7 .. for painting class at school.


Flowers by Me

Maybe if I fill this place with my artwork it will be more interesting for me.

Watercolor by Me, digitally enhanced by Me ..


Looking Forward to it ..

It may not be like the original but I'm sure Depp will make it most interesting ..


Who is Ghost Writer?

Googlism for: ghost writer

ghost writer is by far my favorite part of the trilogy
ghost writer is actually three novels in one
ghost writer is the dilemma of a young writer forced to confront the real
ghost writer is activated by a button
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ghost writer is asking you
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ghost writer is a movie on tv with a whole bunch of episodes
ghost writer is reality
ghost writer is about a young author who visits his idol
ghost writer is about the tensions between literature and life
ghost writer is a supernaturally romantic mystery and pastoral adventure
ghost writer is a fast paced
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taken from Googlism.com

Fall Quarter

I can register for Fall Quarter classes online Wednesday night at midnight.

I will for sure be taking English and Math, but the other two classes are still undecided. One will most likely be Studio Foundations 1, which is a black & white drawing class. I'm taking Studio Foundations 2 right now and it's the color class. It's not so bad ... so I'm guessing 1 won't be bad either.

I have a choice with the 4th class I decide on. I can choose from a class that deals with the history of American film .. or another which deals with the philosophy of American film .. or even a third, which is an art history class that was recommended by my advisor. I'm leaning toward one of the film classes and will probably choose whichever fits in with my schedule the best .. I plan to take all of my classes two days a week just as I am now. It's 12 hour days, but those extra days off per week is great .. and also great on gas mileage.

Aside from that, I just finished an English paper where we had to build our perfect partner.

Tomorrow, we have to write a compare/contrast essay in class. The rest of the day should be fairly easy.

I'm still just getting used to writing in this blog, trying to make it feel comfortable in here. I hope I am succeeding. The orange and yellows are a bit bright for me but .. I like bright colors and it is summer .. so it's good for now.

Summertime ....

I'm working on the way things look in here .. trying to make it all summery. My boyfriend helped me with the main pic and I'm working on the rest =D More later ..


Taste test shows Japanese can't tell the difference between canned wine and a dead crab

Australians invent wine in a can, export it to Japan.

Japanese ready to crack open cans of Aussie wine


SYDNEY (Kyodo) Suggest buying wine in a can and most people will balk at the crudity of the idea. However, talk to officials at Barokes Australia, the winemakers responsible for patenting wine in a can and they will tell you change is in the air.

They will also tell you it is the Japanese, rather than the Australians with their "anything goes" attitude, who are bypassing the wine bottle to crack open the can. "The Japanese have no preconceived ideas about what a can represents as far as wine quality is concerned," says Greg Stokes, CEO of Barokes in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria.

"They're always ready to try something new, whereas Australians are more snobby. Aussies are used to wine being served in a bottle."

But Barokes believes Australians will eventually come around. After all, if suburban Australia can wholeheartedly embrace wine in a cask, why not wine in a can?

The initial idea for canned wine hit Stokes while he was relaxing in a spa bath enjoying a glass of wine. The wine bottle fell into the bath and almost broke, leaving him with an idea that was quickly thrown into development by himself and winemaker Steve Barics.

It was not easy. Barokes wine in a can took nine years to perfect.

The two men embarked on extensive research in 1996 to develop a wine packaging system now registered as Vinsafe. The aluminum cans have a resin-based lining to safeguard the wine's taste and bouquet.

In June 2002, Barokes had their product accepted by the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organization for the purpose of international patenting.

In 2003, Barokes wine in a can was launched in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It hit the market in Singapore in 2004 and in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium in 2005. It will be launched soon in New Zealand.

Barokes is the only patented canned wine in the world. It is also the only canned wine product with a proven shelf life in excess of five years.

But the million dollar question is -- does canned wine taste as good as wine from a bottle?

Barokes recently conducted a taste-test in Japan to find out.

"Out of the 3,000 people who were surveyed, only 5 percent said they weren't accustomed to drinking out of the can," Stokes says.

"There were no negative comments about the quality of the wine, but some said it would take a while to get used to."
The Japan Times: May 13, 2005
(C) All rights reserved


What it might be like to be blind ..

Today as I was loading my film onto the developing reels in the darkroom I realized that is what it must be like to be blind. You are in a room without any light at all, or else the light could expose your film. You can't see your hand in front of your face. You have to feel around in the dark for your film, your reels, your spindles .. your scissors, bottle opener for popping the film open .. and then get it all on the reel and in the developing tank without being able to see a thing.

It's not easy and when I can't find something I am feeling around for, I start to get panicky, even though I know it's just right on the table in front of me somewhere. I kept reminding myself, "It's a room only big enough for 2 people .. you are the only one in here .. you can do this without the light on .. it's ok .. " I like complete and total darkness but only when there is sleep involved, or when Paul is with me. Otherwise I feel lost. It's very tempting to reach for the light switch .. but if you do, your film is ruined completely.

One roll of film came out GREAT today .. and the other roll was shit. =/ It sucks because I worked a lot harder on the roll that was shit.

I read a sign today at school that said, "A bad day of photography is better than a good day at work" .. hmm, I guess that is kinda true.

* * *

Made a 95 on my math test. That's 3 A's in a row. I don't think I've made A's in math since .. ever. First grade? I don't know .. it's been a long time.


100 Things About Me

1. I am madly in love with my boyfriend Paul.
2. My pen name is Sera Strawbridge, same initials as my real name.
3. I am a Saggitarius.
4. I'm an aspiring graphic designer.
5. My hair used to be straight, now it's curly.
6. I was born in the Peach State.
7. I have lived in the Buckeye State.
8. I have lived in the Sunshine State.
9. I have lived in Volunteer State.
10. I have lived in the Netherlands.
11. I am a college sophomore JUNIOR.
12. I major in digital design & interactive media and minor in art history.
13. I once went to a larger university where I majored in occupational therapy.
14. I greatly admire Harvey Pekar. (go rent American Splendor NOW!)
15. I have a hard time sleeping if I can see the slightest bit of light around me.
16. Therefore, I tinted our bedroom windows.
17. I am afraid of frogs.
18. I currently have 2 jobs: editor of the English & Humanities department's quarterly newsletter at college and crew member at local fast food restaurant.
19. I love baseball.
20. I used to want to live in Costa Rica.
21. Now I just want to live somewhere warm with Paul.
22. I am a movie buff.
23. My favorite film of all time is Pulp Fiction.
24. My second favorite film of all time is American Beauty.
25. My favorite actor is Nicholas Cage.
26. I don't really have a favorite actress, so I'll tell you more of my favorite actors.
27. Jack Nicholson, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Ewan McGregor.
28. My favorite director is Quentin Tarantino.
29. Sofia Coppola runs a close second, if she would only start making more films.
30. I love to read.
31. I love rap & hiphop music.
32. I have 3 top favorites: Ludacris, Lil Jon, and Outkast.
33. Paul and I saw Eminem, Ludacris & Lil Jon at the Anger Management tour, summer '05.
34. That was my second time seeing Ludacris.
35. The only other artists I've seen twice are The Moody Blues.
36. As you can see, I have a wide range in musical taste.
37. I do NOT like jazz but I don't mind a little bluegrass.
38. Paul & I design blog templates.
39. I want to travel all over the world with Paul.
40. I've never been out west but am interested in San Francisco.
41. I love art, in ALL forms, but mostly photography, painting, and digital design.
42. I love the ocean.
43. I love animals.
44. I wish I had a ferret. I have a cat named Hunter, a former stray. He's insane.
45. I am addicted to lip balm.
46. I have a similar addiction to lotions.
47. I wear contact lenses.
48. I have 3 tattoos.
49. I used to have 6 piercings, now I only have 3.
50. They are in my ears.
51. I love mushrooms.
52. ... and vidalia onions.
53. I'm a big fan of spicy Chinese food.
54. My favorite non-alcoholic drink is water with lemon.
55. My favorite drink with alcohol is rum and coke.
56. Particularly Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.
57. My favorite beer is Red Stripe.
58. Unless I'm in the Netherlands, then my favorites are Heineken or Palm.
59. Paul & I have tried absinthe.
60. .. and it left us with the world's worst hangovers.
61. I love to take pictures.
62. I love to paint.
63. I like to draw, particularly with charcoal.
64. I took piano lessons for 9 years.
65. I don't play anymore.
66. I played a flute in my high school's marching band.
67. Don't play that anymore either.
68. I wish I knew how to play guitar.
69. I read magazines from the back page to the front.
70. I love pepper.
71. I even used to pepper my V8 juice every morning.
72. I once lost 65 lbs on the Atkins Diet.
73. I don't low-carb hardcore like I used to.
74. I speak a little Spanish.
75. I have freckles.
76. I feel grimy if I go a day without showering.
77. I love watching movies with Paulie.
78. I love to sleep.
79. I love books. (Stephen King, graphic novels, good fiction .. no crappy, romantic stuff.)
80. People who argue get on my last nerves.
81. Loud people and liars run a close second.
82. My years of working in call centers made me cynical.
83. And bitchy and impatient with stupid people.
84. The most fun I've ever had in life has been my time spent with Paul.
85. The most I've ever laughed in my life has been with Paul, too.
86. He's just the greatest person I've ever met. Will ever meet.
87. Did I already say I'm madly in love with him? haha ;)
88. I'm most comfy in khakis and tshirts.
89. Unless it's winter, then I'm most comfy in khakis and hoodies.
90. I hate to wear socks.
91. I love to wear flip flops.
92. I drive a Chevy Metro.
93. It is cranberry colored and I love it.
94. I would love to swim with dolphins.
95. I would love to parasail.
96. I would love to drive all of Route 66.
97. .. and make all the cool stops along the way.
98. This list wasn't as hard to create as I thought it would be ...
99. This is just more fodder for my blog.
100. Now I am sleepy .. goodnight. ZzzzzZ.

Riveting Conversation with my Step-father

Me: I need to go take some pictures tomorrow.
Him: Of what?
Me: Nothing in particular, I just need it for photography class.
Him: Where will you get them developed?
Me: I develop them myself in the darkroom at school.
Him: Do you need money to get them developed?
Me: No, I do that myself.
Him: What, like at WalMart?
Me: No .. at school.

and then this ..

Him: I must be getting old, I stay outside all night watching
birds. It's fun to see what they do at night.
Me: Really? What do they do?
Him: Oh, fly around and stuff.


I'm *so* easily impressed ..

Today I learned at my school's library that they have quite a meager selection of books. It's a huge library and all .. it just doesn't have many books that I was looking for. BUT .. the cool part is .. if they don't have it, then we go to this LINK website .. and it searches like 90 libraries around the state. The library that has the book you are looking for drops it in the mail .. and viola, you have it within days. Way cool!!

So "Being Peace" by Thich Nhat Hanh and "Jennifer Government" by Maxx Barry will be in my possession soon!

* * *

Aced my English midterm. We're halfway there!

* * *

I learned a trick today in PhotoShop for making things 3D. I'm about to go try it out. If it works well, I'll post a tutorial soon.


New book I am starting ..

.. as of tonight. The Da Vinci Code was so good, I want to read more from him. I also have Digital Fortress, which by boyfriend is currently reading .. and Deception Point.

Good day ...

Today was great ...

I woke up early and went to the bank & post office. I mailed off my boyfriend's package that took me entirely too long to send. I should have mailed it long ago but I was only able to put the finishing touches on it today.

When I got home .. I saw 2 surprises for me.

One was a package that my boyfriend sent .. and it was full of cool stuff .. dvds, cds, a book, pictures, a computer game, bath stuff .. lots of great stuff!! I was so excited!

The second surprise I found was the tickets my cousin sent me for the Anger Management tour. Not only were they *free* .. but they are for the VIP section at Germain Ampitheater. I was truly not expecting that and I am very excited! I figured we'd be out in the lawn section and I would have been perfectly pleased with that being that the tickets were free .. but amazingly we'll have really great seats and be able to see the stage very well!

So that was my day ...

I have a math test tomorrow. I feel like I've studied as much as I can study for it .. but of course I'll study more between English and Photography tomorrow. Wish me luck.

It's the truth!

I thought this was funny. I used to have a cat that would sit and glare at me, and it reminded me of her.


Kinda funny, Kinda related

This and more at toothpastefordinner.com

Because most people suck ..

.. I am blogging here now. w00t and stuff. This is like my 3rd blog. I have to keep shutting down my others due to bullshizz that takes place. The internet is a dirty place, and I'm not just referring to the porn.

What sucks is .. I can no longer refer to my boyfriend's blog or our web design site in order to maintain my low profile. But anyhoo, I guess that's the price I pay.




(SHEE.pul) n. People who are meek, easily persuaded, and tend to follow the crowd (sheep + people).

Check out the above site. I can't really go into huge detail on why it's important, but it is. (and I'll give you this much, it has nothing to do with politics) It truly will educate and amaze .. just as this day truly amazed and educated me. This is just a site that, in a way, corresponds with today's events. After spending the day talking to Paul and later watching the Braves kick Houston's asses, I feel much better than I did.

I'm a normal person. Well, maybe "normal" is taking it a bit too far .. but I put my pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. When I'm happy, I'm happy. When I'm pissed, I'm really fucking pissed. I figured this was my space to say whatever I want, right? Hmm, should be. Last time I checked it belonged to me and I could do what I wanted to with it.

Some people you meet are Sheep. Just as the above site says, they will blindly follow their leader, asking no questions. Not waiting to hear 2 sides of a story. Not really caring .. just siding with whomever they think is the more .. uhh, stable? I don't know. Stable is probably not the right word here.

Also known as: Tunnel vision. Narrow-mindedness.

"Blindly follow the asshole in front of you"

Which, if you don't already know, this means take everything at face value. Don't look beneath the surface, don't question anything, just follow. Baa, Baa.

You run into Sheeples everyday. You might even know some Sheeples. Some people are artists at hiding the fact that they are Sheeples.

But here's the deal. Once you realize you are a Sheeple, it's hard to understand that you've been fleeced by your leader. However, there is this Sheep Recovery Program you can follow that will help.

It is entertaining as hell sometimes to see how people flock to those who are masters at pulling the wool over other peoples' eyes. But have no fear, I think justice will prevail in the end.

If you think you might be a Sheeple and need assistance, go to Google.com and search for the word "sheeple". Don't wait! Do it now. Stop collectively believing lies that are regurgitated in your general direction. Forked tongues will NOT set you free. Don't be herded around, smiling and nodding and never really even knowing what the hell is going on around you.

And frankly, I'm tired of all the incessant bleating. If I wanted more of that I'd fucking move to Australia.

I was asked twice (count .. one, two times) about what had actually happened. The rest, BAA BAA.

Keep it up. I just might have to release a pack of wolves if it doesn't stop soon.