Bog Bodies

Posted by Hello

I am loving my Hello software, it's the coolest.

If you are wondering about the picture, it's my next attempt at either practicing drawing or painting, but there is a reason why I chose this particular picture to draw or paint later.

I saw something on tv a few years ago about the Bodies of the Bogs. Go read about them if you want the full story.

Basically, these people were buried (somehow) in peat bogs. No one is sure how they ended up being buried there, but the bodies were well preserved in the bogs. I remember one man they showed actually still had whiskers on his face, and close up you could see each and every pore on his face, each scar .. he had been lying in the bog on his side, and you could see how his face was pushed upward, just as if was meant to be that way.

They looked like carved statues. Some had hair, some still had their clothes that were in good shape, some had nicely manicured nails (well, as nice as it can be for a dead person).

So they may not be beautiful to look at .. but I'm just amazed at how the peat preserved the bodies to look so statuesque.

Click here for more pictures/stories .. The last picture on the right hand side is the man with whiskers I spoke of above.