Final Project v2.0

part of my final project for painting .. v2.0 .. click to view, it's better that way. Posted by Hello

It's taking on a whole new look. I went crazy with sponging on the magenta, and also threw handfuls of wet sugar and salt all over it (as you can see from the white areas) ..

Taking a picture of it kinda helps me to see what it might look like when scanned or when I mess with it in Photoshop (IF I do .. that is, not sure yet)

What I'm thinking about doing now is painting some streetlamps on watercolor paper .. and in different sizes to make it look like they are close up and further away. I'll stick them on with just something to make them stay long enough to scan it .. because I'm really happy with the way the painting itself turned out and want to keep it, but without the other stuff stuck to it, that's just for scanning purposes to make it a digital image for my final.

This may sound weird, but somehow when I look at this painting it reminds me of my last birthday, when I was in Amsterdam. I'm not even sure why, but it does.

I wish my digital camera would show the true colors .. because the pinks and purples of this are much richer in real life. Almost burgundy in some places .. while in other places, almost hot pink. It works well, and I wasn't sure if it would.

Who knows what the finish product will look like. This is just Phase 2. I have another week to work on it. It could take on a whole new look .. AGAIN.