Fall Quarter

I can register for Fall Quarter classes online Wednesday night at midnight.

I will for sure be taking English and Math, but the other two classes are still undecided. One will most likely be Studio Foundations 1, which is a black & white drawing class. I'm taking Studio Foundations 2 right now and it's the color class. It's not so bad ... so I'm guessing 1 won't be bad either.

I have a choice with the 4th class I decide on. I can choose from a class that deals with the history of American film .. or another which deals with the philosophy of American film .. or even a third, which is an art history class that was recommended by my advisor. I'm leaning toward one of the film classes and will probably choose whichever fits in with my schedule the best .. I plan to take all of my classes two days a week just as I am now. It's 12 hour days, but those extra days off per week is great .. and also great on gas mileage.

Aside from that, I just finished an English paper where we had to build our perfect partner.

Tomorrow, we have to write a compare/contrast essay in class. The rest of the day should be fairly easy.

I'm still just getting used to writing in this blog, trying to make it feel comfortable in here. I hope I am succeeding. The orange and yellows are a bit bright for me but .. I like bright colors and it is summer .. so it's good for now.