I'm *so* easily impressed ..

Today I learned at my school's library that they have quite a meager selection of books. It's a huge library and all .. it just doesn't have many books that I was looking for. BUT .. the cool part is .. if they don't have it, then we go to this LINK website .. and it searches like 90 libraries around the state. The library that has the book you are looking for drops it in the mail .. and viola, you have it within days. Way cool!!

So "Being Peace" by Thich Nhat Hanh and "Jennifer Government" by Maxx Barry will be in my possession soon!

* * *

Aced my English midterm. We're halfway there!

* * *

I learned a trick today in PhotoShop for making things 3D. I'm about to go try it out. If it works well, I'll post a tutorial soon.