My new job ended just about as quickly as it begun, I lasted a whole six days there.

Let me tell you why.

I was given three days of training (Wed, Thu, Fri). Everything the trainer went over, he told us to write down but followed by saying, “You’ll never need to know this, but write it down anyway.” I filled a legal pad full of things we were never going to need to know.

I was told that on Monday morning, we would have a quick review and a short lesson on soft skills (aka, how to handle angry people), and then we would be on the phones, with coaches to help us when we got stuck. We were all very nervous and didn’t feel ready what-so-EVER.

So, Monday rolls around. We sat in a small room for 8 hours, waiting. We were told they didn’t have any computers or headsets for us to use. The quick review and soft skills lesson never happened.

Tuesday: We sit around for most of the day, and the other half we spend sitting by an agent taking calls. We have no way to hear the customer because we still have no headsets. All we can do is listen to the agent, and watch what they are doing on the screen. Not very helpful when you can’t hear the customer’s issue.

Wednesday: We sit around for about two hours and finally they give us headsets. They paired me with an agent who was having a bad day and it was obvious he did NOT want to train me. I heard him take TWO calls before they threw me on the phones by myself. I had a total of 10 calls all day, and on each one I needed help. I stood up and raised my hand, as they told us to do when we had an issue. Nobody came to help. I had no idea what to tell these poor people. On top of that, they pissed around and never told me what my schedule was going to be.

I found out from other agents that they never got their 50 cent raise coming out of training. Other agents had not been paid at all yet. And there were also a few who had worked a slew of overtime hours on weekends and were still waiting for their time and a half.

Thursday: I fucking quit.

There is enough confusion in the United States over Medicare, health insurance, premiums, prescriptions, etc … I refuse to contribute further to that problem. I refuse to lie to people.

Today is payday and I’ve yet to receive my direct deposit. I have no idea what time it should be in there, but if it’s not there by tomorrow, I’ll be making another trip out there (40 minutes round trip), to figure out who in the hell dropped the ball THIS time.

So, back to the drawing board. Back to trying to find an ethical job. I’m not even sure one exists, at this point. Really.

(sorry my comments are sometimes off. I have been using Chrome for my browser and for some reason it’s not cooperating well with Wordpress. I’ll figure something out soon.)