Hell's Kitchen

Did anyone happen to catch the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen tonight on Fox? Those of you in the Pacific timezones still have a chance.

I normally hate reality television (well, other than The Apprentice)
but this show is super cool.

Gordon Ramsay has got to be one of the rudest, toughest professional people in the world. He makes Simon Cowell of American Idol look like Tinkerbell.

Catch it if you can ..

and if you can stand it, watch Nanny 911 beforehand too. It's full of bad parenting and screaming, bratty children who get told off and taught how to act right by some snooty British nanny (no offense to anyone reading from England, but it's the truth, and she DOES straighten their asses up). I thought that I wouldn't be able to stomach it, but it was actually great for a laugh.

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