Did he just say 'infinite sex'?

Math makes life fun!

I am barely grasping the concept of sets and elements of sets and roster notation or set-builder notation or mapping or unions or intersects, natural numbers, infinity or any of the stuff and symbols listed above.

But I have to fully understand it before next Tuesday because we have a quiz on it.

There are people in my class that seem to understand it just fine. They even skip out on the last half of class .. they never take notes, or they doze during lecture but seem to be doing well on tests and stuff. Maybe they have had this already in the past? It's all totally new & foreign to me .. like learning a new language.

I cracked up in class today though because the professor kept talking about, "Infinite sets .. "

so I thought it would be funny to turn to my friend Kandi and say, "Infinite sex .. "

and she replied, "That's the kind you have when you're drunk. Kinda like running in place, you never really get anywhere."

I'm still laughing over it.