Well, if Suzi Sez it then it must be true.

That's the motto I stand by anyway .. and have since I found Suzi's blog, I'll tell you what it Shwas, way back when I first discovered her on Blogexplosion. Suzi is witty, upbeat, and fun to read .. whether she's blogging about basketball games or sharing stories about her handsome granddog, Stanley. There's never a dull moment at her site and plenty of visual stimulation to see through her photos and the occasional video.

However, today I'm to write a review the recent entry which Suzi amusingly titled, Cwoffee Twalk. Go ahead, read it, and then come back to me and tell me .. who else could possibly make you laugh while blogging about something like pregnancy insurance? And of course, if I saw a link on any other site talking about pregnancy insurance I would surely pass it right up. But this made me curious. I followed that link. I learned a thing or two even! .. while still cracking up over the thought of discussing a vagina as supple as a rose petal or creative uses for olive oil.

You go, Suzi. I have no doubt you can turn even the most mundane topics into something hilarious and extraordinary.