*GAG* // and Read the Update!!

Ok, so Focaccia .. it looked good on the box .. it sounded like something decent for dinner .. but it tasted like cat food wrapped in hard-as-a-brick bread! The outside had nothing on top like in the picture, and in the middle was not mozzarella cheese or spices or roma tomatoes but this weird, brown, sorta meaty, wet cat food-like substance that tasted like complete hurl.

I emailed Cedar Lane about it because whatever I paid for wasn't at all what was advertised.

I'm wondering if I did actually end up getting cat food ... or worse!



I emailed the company and provided them with the lot number 042206A .. which wasn't visible unless you looked really hard at the box (it was embossed on a side panel).

They responded quickly letting me know that the product had expired on April 22, 2006 and that Kroger should not have had it.


How fucking gross. I'm glad I let them know .. and I'm about to call Kroger and let them know too. What appeared to be cat food was just old, rotten cheese & tomatoes! BARF!!!