Go Sanjaya!

Ok, so youngster Sanjaya Malakar didn't do all that great (according to the judges, I disagreed!) on the first night when they showcased the 12 guys on American Idol .. but cut the guy some slack. He was probably nervous as ever (wouldn't you be?), and think alllll the way back to his audition when he wowed everyone with, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," .. not just anyone can rock Stevie Wonder style!

*sigh* I can't hardly wait until Thursday to see what the outcome will be. He definitely didn't get any good feedback on Tuesday, which was upsetting. But they had to pick on someone, right? Best to pick on the youngest? The one with the least experience?

Nah ..

Don't let them fool you Sanjaya. I still think your style was more unique and unlike any American Idol we've seen in the past. I just hope the other voters could see that too so you can stay in the competition!