Final Freakout.

Ok, this is all just becoming very humorous to me.

Today, we were supposed to review for our math final for an hour and 50 minutes.

I was SO looking forward to it. I had my list of questions ready.

Did we have the review?

No, we didn't.

Did we even have an ENTIRE CLASS PERIOD?


The teacher had to leave 28 minutes into class to go to a funeral that was 2 hours away.

Because someone in his life died, WE SUFFER. Doesn't quite seem fair huh?

Ok, ok .. I'm being selfish. But WHY did it have to be on the day we review for our final?!

Why couldn't that bastard have waited to die just a FEW DAYS LATER?!

Oh hell, I'm being crass.

THE FINAL IS MONDAY! We only have ONE more day class day to review for it!

I say again .. couldn't that poor mofo have just held on to life a little longer so I could get some decent class instruction for my final?

Goodness gracious, I need to shut my selfish, insensitive mouth up.

Oh, but to put the REAL goddamn icing on the cake, we were notified today, to our surprise, that our math final WILL NOT be multiple choice.

We have been told it *would* be multiple choice from day One since allllll the way back in September and now suddenly, "Oh guess what? Your final isn't multiple choice anymore. hehe, surprise!!"

And it's even printed on the SYLLABUS .. "Final will include multiple choice along with a few extended answer questions."



I only wish for greener pastures and smoother quarters from now on. Please, gods of college or whoever controls this type of shit, grant me this one wish!

I'm sorry. I think my soul has been taken over by that of my evil digital art professor.

*he undid my work, built my 3D object right before my eyes in 5 minutes, deleted it all .. and told me, "It's as easy as that! Now YOU do it!" Wednesday, I will take a tape recorder with me and record his showoff ass so I will know what he's talking about, but then again, what am I going to record? Him clicking around on the mouse and keyboard? *sigh*

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