Evil Professor.

I put in hours on my Pooh as Tigger project.

He told me just DAYS ago that it was looking good.

At the critique today, he ripped it a new asshole basically.

He said Pooh's stripes looked like they were floating on top of his body.

He said he told me NEVER to use flat black (don't recall .. but whatever.)

He said my orange colors weren't working.

He said *nothing* good.

Yet, there were others there whose stuff looked horrid, which he RAVED about.

To quote Maddox, I've pissed patterns in snow more coherent than that.

Ok, so I've never pissed in snow, but if I HAD .. it would have looked better.

Some had no backgrounds.

Some didn't even look like the object the person spent 3 weeks painting (or, supposedly spent 3 weeks.)

So, I don't get it. I knew college would be full of good critiques and bad critiques, but I had faith this one would be good.

Next up, my Maya project. 3D modeling.

I am very, very afraid.

* * *

In other news, I get to interview one of the Oak Ridge Boys. Maybe.

Y'know the ones.

my heaaaaaart's on FIRE for Elvira ..
giddyup .. mmmbopmmmbop maw maw ..
Hi Ho Silver, AWAY!

Yeah, them.