Tooth. Ache.

I'd like to thank the makers of penicillin, Aleve, Advil, Anbesol, Orajel, Sensodyne toothpaste, and cinnamon dental floss.

An honorable mention goes to Vicodin, who is waiting in the wings in case I absolutely can't stand it anymore.

Another honorable mention goes to Burt's Beeswax lip balm for helping my lips that my dentist ripped apart today from opening my mouth too wide.

I'm sick of being afraid of dentists, but I've just yet to meet any good ones. Even the ones that swear they have a "soft touch" are rough as hell and usually mean, arrogant, and just all around intimidating. I guess now that fear is catching up with me in the form of bad teeth.

I want the damn thing pulled, but the dentist refused, saying the roots are too close to my jawbone and he cannot pull it without breaking my jaw.

It's the same song and dance I heard when I had to have my impacted wisdom teeth cut out. The minute they woke me up from the surgery they told me, "Those teeth were VERY impacted, we almost broke your jaw trying to get them out .. "

But then again, 2 other dentists have said they'll pull it, no problem.

I don't know who to believe, but I'll let you know how it pans out.