Freeze It: Reviewed

A few days ago I unfortunately experienced the pain of pulling a muscle from lifting something at work. So I was surprised to see, that just at the right time, a sample of Freeze It advanced therapy pain relief gel arrived in the mail for me to try. Pictured is me ... using the product for the first time.

Freeze It worked quite well for me. I liked how it is in gel form and dissolves quickly, and also the menthol scent isn't very strong and then disappears completely. The green gel is greaseless and didn't stain my clothing at all .. and the 'burn' it provides gives instant pain relief. I put a small bit on nearly half an hour ago and it's still going strong.

I would recommend Freeze It to anyone who uses such products for pain relief. It is offered for $9.99 and comes in two sizes and applications, either a 3 oz. roll-on or a 4 oz. tube. The roll-on is quick and easy to apply and would be good for on the go and also handy for reaching difficult areas like shoulders or the lower back. The tube kind would be good for applying desired thickness.

So I would say to anyone thinking about trying Freeze It, give up your usual brand for a while and just give it a try.l I was pleasantly surprised and think it works much better than any others I've tried in the past.

Check out the Freeze It commercial for more info.

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