Heard of Hubsess?

Hubsess.com is a new discussion/news site. The site is a collection of Hubs - a place where you can post discussions, search news, pictures, and other websites.

There currently are over 50,000 Hubs. Hubs that are currently on the site include cities/towns, sports teams, actors, musicians, politicians, technology products, and much more. Users have the ability to vote on news stories and discuss them, and there is also a tutorial section and FAQ section to get you started!

A Hub's news section is links to news articles, videos, blogs, or anything else that can be linked to. These are then tagged to a Hub. For example, the Google hub will only have news pertaining to Google.

News is gathered in one of the 2 ways. Users can submit individual stories and tag them to a hub(s). Or, users can tag an RSS feed from another site to a Hub, and the news from that feed will automatically be added to the Hub's news.

What makes this site different from other similar sites is it allows you to get the news you want and gives you the ability to skip the news you don't want.

Anyone is welcome to sign up - I joined, and my favorite hubs were SEO news and baseball news.

Go check them out now .. join and start submitting to Hubsess - Your News!

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