Fish out of water

fish1.jpg fish2.jpg fish3.jpg

Here are some rudimentary sketches for the first project in my illustration class: drawing a cliché.

I’ve been really busy with work and school already and it’s only the second week. I love my painting class, but I’m not sure yet about the others (Flash, digital illustration, senior studio.) I’ll tell you more later. In my digital illustration class we are tracing Grandpa Simpson’s head for a warm-up project, then we will trace Uncle Scrooge. For my senior studio project, I’m probably going to be designing a cookbook of family recipes. In my painting class, I am working on something in the style of Yoshitomo Nara, who I just recently discovered.

Still haven’t uploaded the vay-kay pics .. sorry .. no time!

I’ll show you my finished fish when it’s .. finished. K Thx Bye =D