Ahh, Algebra.

Algebra, you make life fun!!

The guy who made this up was one sick and twisted fuck.

Ok, so I'm really making it sound worse than it is because math hasn't been nearly as bad this quarter as it was last quarter (YET). I think my professor is much better at explaining than that last guy was.

Surprisingly, I got a lot done this weekend and I'm glad. I finished all of my reading for English, did all of my questions at the end of each chapter I had to read, and even wrote my 500 word paper (at first I typed "500 PAGE paper", that'd be shitty!) which isn't due til like, the 21st or something.

I finished my InDesign projects, my journal entry for my Creative Process class, and my project for that as well. The professor gave us names and we had to develop a superhero character from that name, slaying a creative monster. My name was Crusty Banana Sniffer. Gay huh?! I won't post what I came up with for that because let's face it, it's way not cool.

Anyway, I'm not f*cking interesting enough. Go read Paulie's blog, for f*cks sake.