Fashion models are seriously going downhill.

Ain't she a treat?!

Ok, so .. I have some questions.

1) Who thought that she would be a good model, and why?

2) How does she manage to keep the SAME FACIAL EXPRESSION in all of these pictures? (seriously, click on it. It's hysterical! By the time I got to page 7 and saw the "Candy Cane Crown" sweater, I was pissing myself laughing)

3) Who told her the shiny, gold leggings were a good idea?

4) Could her glasses (and her beehive hair-do) BE any bigger?!

hahaha .. I'm sorry .. maybe I'm being mean but .. oh HELL, no I'm not!! She is about the craziest thing I've seen in a long time!

This right here is pretty funny too.