Self portrait.

This is for my arts 105 class. The assignment was to portray yourself as some sort of superhero slaying a dragon.

So this is me, slaying an old self portrait that I did for arts 102 that I thought was never good enough to turn in.

I know, it's amateur. It's supposed to be, I've never attempted anime before. I drew it first in charcoal, scanned it, then painted it (with the mouse, which SUCKS for making nice lines) in PhotoShop.

In essence, I'm *slaying* the preconceived notions I have about my ideas not being good enough or stupid. But I'm being peaceful about it.

Oh yeah, and you get to see a vague and distorted sneak peek at what I really look like. Yeehaw, lucky you. Don't get too excited though. I don't post pics of me-self online.

P.S. My first math quiz of the quarter went A-ok.
P.S. #2 Yesterday was Paulie's bday. The big 2-4.
P.S. #3 Paulie has a new template on his blog. Stop by. Order a Cognac.
P.S. #4 Applied to work at Fazoli's. If they don't call me back I'll have to bust some heads. Or, just keep looking for something else.