Today in a nutshell ..

I didn't have any classes today, just work.

In six hours, I wrote 80 news releases. Eighty. Original. News. Releases.

I was tired when I finished, but proud that I had finished them all.

When I walked in at 8am, there was a huge stack and I narrowed it down to nothing!

I'm also learning AP style writing. It's different, but it's interesting.

I've had my fair share of jobs titles, but never did I imagine 'journalist' would be among that long list .. (and when I say long, I mean it .. someday I'll list all the jobs I've had .. you'll be in shock!)

All I wanted to do was to hurry home so I could talk to Paulie and chill,

but it seems everytime I try to hurry home, I get stuck behind the stupidest, slowest vehicles in town.

On Thursday, I only had drawing and English.

My English teacher is old, my drawing teacher is ... I'm not sure what. I've seen his artwork exhibited and it was dirty, so I guess he's a perv. And he's an asshole because he has this list of art supplies for us to buy that's a mile long. Grrr.

After dinner I went walking, and actually organized some of the stacks of books sitting around my room. Paulie and I have a great collection of books so far. Maybe I will catalog them on here sometime (fun! haha)

Tomorrow, I plan to go to the gym and then to buy the art supplies. I'm afraid of the total bill, but we shall see. Maybe some of the little stuff I can get at WalMart.

Last night I finished the stupidest book I've ever read called As Simple As Snow. It's so stupid I'm not even going to link to it. I do have Life of Pi waiting for me at the library, in hopes of redemption.

I'm tired, and it's only been the first week of fall quarter. And it wasn't even a full week.