Burn baby Burn

I went to the gym for the first time today. It was a workout, but more than that it was me seeing what machines I felt the most comfortable using. I didn't use the weight room yet, maybe next time. They seem to have good equipment except for these scary, rusty stair climbers in a back corner. They look like a tetanus shot waiting to happen, so I avoided them.

I also walked tonight. I just feel a lot better after I do that .. I seem to sleep better lately too. For the past two nights, I've slept the whole night through. That's unheard of for me .. and I like it. I haven't even been wearing my creepy sleep mask.

It's been since Monday since I did the belly-burning Pilates, and I'm a bit worried because my stomach muscles are still on fire. I don't think that's normal, or that walking or going to the gym today added anything to that pain. Paul said maybe I pulled a muscle. Blah, I hope not though .. that's a bad place to have a strain.

Heating pad, here I come.