O Happy Day

* Spilled ginger ale down the front of my hoodie on the way to school

* Spilled water in my car

* Couldn't get the shell off of my hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, ended up throwing the whole thing in the trash because it was just .. the yellow part. Blech.

* Spilled water again in drawing class, down the back of my drawing pad

* Forgot to put a battery in the digital camera I had to take to do my interview for a lady going from this little town down to Baton Rouge to help the hurricane victims (luckily the lady didn't want her picture made anyway, so I was lucky there)

* Had to walk a block or so to a museum visit during drawing class, got all sweaty

* Went to English class after that, got too cold because of the a/c

* Got home, worked on digital art project, saved it (or thought I did .. )

* It didn't save, so I lost about an hour or maybe two hours worth of work

BUT ...

I got to see Paulie, talk to him, laugh with him ..

and that's all that I look forward to ... makes my day worthwhile.

Not to mention how much he helped me with my project ..

and how much he helps me with *everything* under the sun!

I love you Paulie, so much! Just wanted to tell the world, yet again ;)