My colloquial Dutch lesson will come in handy!

Next week I will be interviewing and writing an article on a new social sciences professor at my school. She is Dutch.

She is not new to America, she received her Ph.D. from a school in Las Vegas. However, she IS new to this little town I live in, and I'm wondering what a trip that is for her. I can't wait to hear.

I emailed her to ask if I may be the one to interview her, and she responded very nicely saying "Yes! Ofcourse you may interview me!" .. and I was glad for that, because sometimes people I ask to interview can be real assholes about it.

So, I wonder what she'll say when I greet her with, "Goede middag, Dr. Balsam! Ik ben Stephanie. Hoe is het? Leuk om jou te ontmoeten. Welkom in *censored for anonymity* University .. "

Haha, no I wouldn't say all that, and I'm not even sure if it's all correct, I'd have to run it by Paulie first! ... but I can at least get out the good afternoon and my name is Stephanie without problem, and maybe the welcome part .. and perhaps end the interview with a "Bedankt! Dag!"

Anything else, nope .. not that far .. yet!