Recent sketches.

These are just a few of the 20 sketches I did over the weekend for my drawing class.

I've definitely evolved a little in my drawing skills, but not much. I just hope to keep improving.

The one of my foot really does look a lot like my foot, haha .. I was surprised!

For now we're just doing line drawing .. no shading yet. I've never done shading before (except when working with color) .. so it will be different for me.

I made some rough-draft logos for PurePixel-Designs.com this evening so Paul and I can start giving our site a makeover and show what we can really do as designers. It's going to take a lot of work though, and right now .. we don't have a lot of time between us to work on it.

I'm glad because I got so much done this weekend. My math homework (thanks to Paulie), some of my digital arts project, all of my sketches, and my paper on Michael Moore (which I'll post after it's been graded.) All that and had time to work out on Saturday morning and walk this evening, and still talk to Paulie (! That's the greatest!)

It doesn't feel like tomorrow should be Monday though. And my long day at that. Blah.