Jill of All Trades.

Ok, I figure it's time to have a laugh and marvel at all the jobs I've held in my lifetime.

I've put together this comprehensive list so we can all have a giggle and wonder how and why I packed so many jobs into such a short amount of time. Well, I guess it wasn't *that* short. I started working at age 19, and that was about 10 years ago now.

That's another story .. I had good reasons for leaving some of them. Very good reasons, as you'll see from the types of businesses they were (fast food and convenience store jobs SUCK .. not to mention cleaning up after hotel guests ) .. Anyway, here goes.

Laugh it up.

1) Mark Pi's Express - chinese fast food restaurant, cashier
2) B.P. Oil - Assistant manager
3) Tommy's Pizza - morning prep cook
4) United Dairy Farmers - convenience store, assistant manager
5) Subway - sanwich artist, assistant manager
6) Lil Champs - convenience store, shift manager
7) Knights Inn - housekeeper
8) Atlantis Motel - housekeeper
9) World of Science - seasonal (only open during Xmas), salesperson
10) Rack Room Shoes - salesperson
11) Disc Jockey - music & entertainment store, seasonal, salesperson
12) Captain D's - shift manager
13) Taco Bell - assitant manager
14) GC Services - collections representative
15) Hyatt Regency hotel - housekeeper
16) Cendant corportation - hotel reservations/account representative for insurance policies
17) 2 housekeeping jobs while in Holland, but not hotels, actuall houses
18) and currently, communications specialist (I write news articles), and also notetaker for my math class (share math notes with other students)

As you can see, 16-18 showed quite an improvement in the kind of work I was doing.

I only hope the one(s) to follow get better & better.