Tired of the Bleeps?

Are you sick of hearing all of the bleeps on tv?

I am. I mean, I REALLY am.

It's impossible to sit down and watch television anymore .. especially reality television .. without hearing a million bleeps per half hour show. I'm not even a huge fan of reality tv, but I do watch it every once in a while. Last night for instance, I was watching Hell's Kitchen. After about two minutes into the kitchen scene, I became so frustrated because it becomes difficult to follow what's being said due to all of the bleeping over the curse words.

They have Parental Locks on tvs .. why can't they have an UNLOCK button for those of us who wish to get rid of the goddamn bleeps?

Are we not Americans? Can we not decide for ourselves what is offensive to our ears and what isn't? I mean, COME ON!!

What's worse .. hearing Gordon scream "MOVE YOUR ASS!" on Hell's Kitchen, or flipping over to CNN and seeing bodies mutilated by war? Which is really worse?

This is MY soapbox and I'm gonna scream it. If you as an adult American care at all as to why our government feels it's ok to decide which words we are allowed to hear and which we are not .. PLEASE ..

Check out these sites .. and help fight censorship!

1) Read this, especially the part about ways to fight censorship

2) TelevisionWatch.org Petition

3) Stop the FCC

4) Stop the FCC at MoveOn.org

5) FreePress.net