Hell's Kitchen! v3.0

Ok so I missed last week's episode of Hell's Kitchen. I thought it was on Sunday nights, not Mondays. So I caught up tonight .. and it was crazy!

Last week Dewberry was kicked off (and I think he wasn't fit for the competition anyway) .. tonight Jeff walked off the show (pussy!) and Wendy was kicked off. I thought that was fair. She was mouthy and just needed to shut up and listen and DO .. instead of running her mouth.

So who will it be next week? I'm thinking it will be the blue team losing again, and I'll take a guess and say they will let go of Andrew. I'm kind of surprised he didn't get kicked off tonight. We'll see though .. it's always a surprise on that show.

The craziest part was when one customer just leaned over, stuck her head beneath the table and barfed up her dinner. Hahaha, now that's bad food!

It's still early in the game but right now I'm thinking Michael will come out victorious at the end.

See what happens next week on Hell's Kitchen (Mondays on Fox, 9pm EST)

Doesn't Gordon look devilish in his pic here? =D