Hm. I thought it was funny.

Q. How do you know when you're in class with a bunch of fuckwits?

A. When you wear a hoodie that says "I Broke up Brad & Jen" on the front and NOBODY laughs or comments.

Yes, that happened to me today. I figured someone would say *something* .. ANYTHING. I just wanted the chance to say "Yeah .. it's funny huh? My boyfriend gave it to me!"

Nope. No reactions whatsoever.

* * *

Ok I'm gonna test a little theory here. If you don't already know (which I'm sure EVERYONE does by now) .. there's this guy making rounds online named Brian Peppers. He's a registered sex offender in Lucas County, Ohio .. and supposedly his scary photo is real. Snopes is still saying it's undetermined, however.

Google for him if you don't believe me, but beware .. he is beyond freaky and for that reason I refuse to link to his photo to protect the faint of heart. Freaky isn't even the right word for him. He even has a spot here on urbandictionary.com ..

I'm a pepper, your a pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

So anyway, now that I've sung you the Dr. Pepper jingle .. I'll explain my testing of my theory. I read on someone's blog a few days ago that they mentioned Brian Peppers one time and their blog got over 200 hits that day just from mentioning him. So .. I'll let you know if that happens.

* * *


Self, don't wear lipstick anymore in the tanning bed .. it bakes itself onto your lips. You leave the tanning bed feeling like you have a fucking Shrinky Dink melted onto your mouth.

* * *

Oh .. and this .. I caught a glimpse of my reflection while inside the tanning bed, with those god awful goggles on (because y'know, it's perfectly FINE to wrinkle everywhere except my eyes .. DUH.. ) I scared myself. I had to shut my eyes and couldn't bear to look again. I was looking kinda Brian Peppers-ish.

* * *

On a serious note, I saw a bad wreck yesterday. I don't want to talk about it at the moment though.

* * *

I'm sending a postcard to PostSecret. I don't know when .. and you'll never know which one is mine =D muahahaha ..