Answer to some FAQs

Q. Ghostwriter, why the title Fluent Sap?

A. Fluent Sap is an anagram. If you figure it out, you have my eternal gratitude for being so goshdarned smart.

Q. Ghostwriter, why don't you allow people to leave comments on your blog?

A. I used to be part of a blog site that is much smaller than Blogger. Actually, I spent nearly 2.5 years there. I opened up there. I told a lot about myself, including my name, where I lived, and what was going on in my life. I'm not talking about saying what I had for dinner and what I did last weekend, I'm talking about how I said some major stuff on there about my private thoughts, feelings and happenings in my life. I said things I most likely would never say to a random person on the street, so why did I put it out there for everyone else to read? Regardless of why, it all backfired in my face.

One day I decided to search for my full name on Google, just to see what would happen. I have a fairly common last name, and first name too for that matter. When I typed in my full name, to my surprise it pulled up my blog as the FIRST RESULT. It was then I realized I had said too much, but it was also then that the oddness started to occur.

The weird people on that site started getting weirder. The cling-ons got even more clingy. The strange got plain freaky and harrassment started happening. It wasn't just online harrassment either .. it came in forms of letters to my mother, phone calls to my boyfriend. Enough was enough. The site where I was blogging had the option where fellows users could send private messages, and I was receiving many per day .. too many to answer, and just plain out strange things being said to me.

Two people who I had been "friends" with for quite a while did a complete turn on me. It took months to clean up the wreckage, including changing my email address twice and trying to cover all of my tracks to disassociate myself with them. I closed up shop .. and here I am, writing again because I like to, and hoping they don't discover me. That's why I keep everything under wraps, and I don't put much out there that has to do with my personal thoughts and feelings.

I do feel censored sometimes, but being behind an anonymous curtain feels much better than being known and watched by people I only know behind a computer screen.

As GhostWriter, the one who doesn't allow comments, I feel safe.

I do appreciate those who stop by, however.