11 days ..

I can't believe that my boyfriend Paul will be here in 11 days.

I remember when the counter said 149 days. I remember thinking that the day would get here, but it would get here so slowly.

It's been quite the opposite .. spring quarter flew by, and now here we are, 11 days away from being together again.

I was thinking earlier today about how cool it's going to be to hear him say how he sees things here, and to look at things through his eyes in a way. This is his first visit to America. I'm sure there will be things here that I don't think twice about, and that I take for granted .. but Paul will see it differently.

We're going to have a blast =D I can't wait!

I love you Paulie!

In other news, I'm thinking of doing a list of 100 things about me. I had one on my old blog. Plus tonight I'm just very bored online, so .. maybe I'll do that and add it to my profile.