Final Project - Final Draft

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Please view full to get the full effect.

This is my self-portrait. I used the canvas (see entry below titled Final Project v2.0) as the background and Photoshopped the rest. It is currently printed 20x22 on glossy paper and mounted on foam core. It's the largest work I've done so far.

There's all kinds of things to say about it that I didn't see when I was creating it.

I was having kind of a bad weekend when I made this and from what I tried to make show love and beauty turned a different direction. The flower in the middle is a ghost orchid. I researched them a little and they do not bloom well in captivity, so the title is ironic.

Hell, should I even be explaining any of this right now?

Best to draw your own conclusions when it comes to art, methinks.

The critique is Tuesday, I'll let you know how it goes.