"This is your captain speaking .. "

If you've been paying attention here, you'll know that I'm just hours away from seeing my boyfriend Paul again. We have not seen each other, except for on a webcam, since February. The counter thingy over to your right is incorrect, but who cares, it's close enough.

When I left Paul in Europe this past February I was really afraid that time would drag, or things between us would fail. I was worried that with us both being in school and with him working that we would lose contact and eventually grow apart. I was SO very wrong with my assumptions. Time has gone by so quickly, and we've remained in constant contact the entire time .. still as happy and in love as the day we parted. I would even go as far to say that absence really DOES make the heart grow fonder, as the old adage states.

I cannot wait to see him again! I am excited but I don't think the full level of excitement has hit me yet. I know it will as I am driving to the airport, and waiting for him at the baggage claim. I have played that moment through my head since the day we parted.

This will be Paul's first airplane ride and first visit to the States. I want to make it awesome for him. We have lots of fun stuff planned: baseball games, an Eminem concert, a family reunion, roadtrips .. it will be great!

Emotions have been running high the past 2 days. Issues have come up that I didn't think would come up, and it hasn't been the easiest or the best of times to deal with such things, for either one of us. Not issues between us though, it's all been outside issues. I can only hope that once he's here, the tension and uneasiness will fade away.

So, for all of you reading, wish my boyfriend a happy and safe flight! He'll be leaving on a jet plane Thursday, and will arrive here Thursday evening.

After tomorrow, I won't be blogging again til September. Life is too short to sit behind a computer when we have so much to do and see here on our vacation.

I love you Paul! I'll see you SO soon!! ;)