Some days ..

Some days it kinda feels that way, doesn't it?

Those days where you keep your head down, your mouth shut and just try to blend in .. haha .. I like that picture! How'd he get in there anyway?

Today wasn't one of those days for me, thankfully.

My math test went well (Thanks Paulie!), my critique went well (Thanks again Paulie .. and thanks to Kandi for giving me pointers and advice about my asshole teacher!), and after both of them were done I found a penny heads up on the ground. I thought it was funny. I don't believe in stuff like that but it was ironic that I found it *after* the fact.

And yes, I did pick it up! I may not believe in superstitions, but I am pretty greedy when it comes to collecting change.

My interview went well also, and I got quite a bit written at work.

If I can get through my English test tomorrow, things will be good =)

Oh yeah, and pray for rain or bad weather. Our drawing teacher has planned another outing for tomorrow and I really don't want to go.

* * *

Here's something I wasn't expecting.

Who knew my thoughts of "As Simple as Snow" would be published on the book's website?

It's all really great reviews, and then you get to mine at the bottom and I bash it in one sentence. One poorly written sentence for that matter. If I had known it would be posted on the website, I would have taken a little more time to perfect it =)

I wouldn't advise anyone not to read it, it just wasn't for me. I didn't understand the riddles and codes, I didn't understand why the male main character remained nameless, and I thought the search for Anna was slow and drawn out. On a positive note, her bedroom sounded cool, her parents were quirky, and she had a knack for giving interesting gifts.

I also admit to reading it in bed at late hours when I was half dead from tiredness .. and I do give a round of applause to anyone who becomes a published author, because that takes some work. No, I'm not ass kissing either. I'm just telling it like it is. Now that my job is to write press releases, I know how good it feels just to get an article published on a website or in the town newspaper.

Everyone's a critic. Bad publicity is STILL publicity.