15 Needs & a list of Wants.

Just more blog fodder because I'm too lazy to think up or search for anything original to post.

I saw this idea on some random blog .. feel free to play along on your own.

The idea is to write down 15 things you think you need.

So ..

1) FluentSap needs Paulie, first and foremost!
2) FluentSap needs a second part-time job that isn't too draining.
3) FluentSap needs more time to read materials other than what's required for college.
4) FluentSap needs to pass two more math classes before she's done with it completely.
5) FluentSap needs to know why some things and some people are how they are.
6) FluentSap needs to watch more movies, and will when she's with Paulie.
7) FluentSap needs to not worry about things that are out of her control.
8) FluentSap needs a haircut, and maybe some color.
9) FluentSap needs more long-sleeved tshirts in her clothing collection.
10) FluentSap needs to start on her banned book research paper - PRONTO.
11) FluentSap needs to get over her irrational fears, like of frogs, and dentists.
12) FluentSap needs to stop biting her fingernails and the surrounding areas of thumb. It's ugly.
13) FluentSap needs to keep improving on her layout designs.
14) FluentSap needs caffeine in the mornings, and decent sleep on the weekends.
15) FluentSap needs .. something. Don't we all always need something?

* * *

I don't know what that proved.

I don't usually feel like I *need* anything really .. other than Paul, and air to breathe, and to treat people the way I want to be treated, stuff like that. Other than that, my needs are pretty slim.

Maybe I'll go back and read it after I've attained some of these things, and see what has changed, and what I think I *need* at that point.

* * *

On another note, my aunt writes down a list of things she wants. It can be anything, from the major to the very small. She says if you write things down that you want, eventually they will come your way. She had things on her list like New vehicle (she recently bought one), laptop computer (one was given to her), and then little things like, a red tank top (still hadn't gotten that last time I checked.)

So, here's my list. It can't hurt, right?

1) Long sleeved tshirts
2) Intriguing books
3) new tennis shoes
4) an external hard drive
5) a Wacom

That's all I can think of for now. I'm not very needy or grabby when it comes to wanting material things. I can go for a long time without new shoes, until the ones I have start falling apart (as I've noticed the stitching is beginning to fray), I have clothes in my closet that I've had for years and wouldn't give up now, and the books I just always seem to acquire.

The external hard drive and Wacom would just be added bonus toys that will come in handy for school, but still .. they aren't really needs.

Ah well, maybe I'm reading too far into it.

We'll see what happens!