A buzzword I'm sick of.

a·ware Audio pronunciation of "awareness" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-wâr)
  1. Having knowledge or cognizance: aware of the difference between the two versions; became aware of faint sound.
  2. Archaic. Vigilant; watchful.
* * *

A buzzword I've been hearing a lot of lately is the word "awareness."

More than that, it's been all about "creating awareness."

I'm sick to death of hearing it. It's misused and it's overused.

In terms of my job, I interview a lot of people doing a wide array of "awareness creating."

Me: "So, what do you hope to accomplish with this event/gathering/meeting, etc. ?"

Them: "Well, we are just trying to create awareness .. "

Usually, the subject they are trying to "create awareness" about is something that has been pounded into the ground for years, perhaps even decades. In some rare cases, perhaps even centuries!

I don't know about you, but I'm fully aware that there are hungry people in the world. I'm aware that terminally ill folks do not always have proper health care coverage. I'm aware that there are soldiers dying at the rate of one per day in Iraq. I'm aware that destructive hurricanes recently ripped through parts of the U.S. and tore apart lives while taking many others along the way. I am aware that September 11th happened. I'm aware that domestic violence is a serious issue. I'm aware that there is a Black history month, a breast cancer awareness month, I even learned recently that there is a math awareness month.

For those that aren't aware of that last one, it's in April. Mark your calendars.

Yes, I am AWARE.

If I were any more aware of these things, I'm not sure I could stand myself or even be able to sleep at night.

For those of you who use this loathsome buzzword, be aware of what you are really trying to create awareness on. If it's some brand-spanking-new-fresh-on-the-shelves-something that nobody knows about, then by all means, create awareness.

If it isn't, then I might have to create some awareness of my own by telling you to take your awareness and shove it.