Interesting interviews & getting things done.

I interviewed a very cool professor today at my school.

I knew after the interview that I wanted to see more of her work.

I'm glad I did.

Go visit her website.

Her photography is amazing.

I can't begin to go into everything she discussed, and I've yet to go back and replay my tape and listen to the interview. But one thing that really struck me was when she talked about how sometimes photographs can dull a memory of a time.

It reminded me of some of the pictures I have of Amsterdam and Holland, and even some that Paul and I took this summer. The pictures may be beautiful, but it's not nearly as grand and amazing as what I remember it to be in my mind.

* * *

In other news, and thanks to the amazing help Paulie gives me, I finished my take-home math test which is due Monday. I glued down my Garfield project and he will be out of my life come Monday. I wrote a rough draft of my english paper that's due Tuesday.

All I have left to do this weekend is 20 sketches of structures, math homework, and study for an English test on Tuesday.

Yeah, that's *all* I have to do. But really, it's a load off my mind to get Garfield done, and the paper, and the math test. That was my main focus.

Thank you again so much for helping me Paulie! I know I've said it 5 thousand times, but still ..

* * *

My school's women's forum will be creating a women's edition of a publication where students, faculty, staff, and the general public may submit artwork, short stories, etc.

My supervisor thinks that the 3 of us in our office should submit something.

I was unsure of what to submit, but with the help of Paulie I've decided to submit the project I did as my final for my color class I had last quarter. I'm probably going to work with it a little though, tone it down and get rid of the red so it's not so angry, and maybe even cut out the text.

Here it is in it's red, angry form, haha .. :

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Self-Portrait, Mixed Media: by Me.

* * *

I don't know. I've looked at last year's edition and I think this might be a little too much for them, even if I change the color or not. But I'm going to submit it anyway.