Practice Safe Sun.

I'm so almost done with the Garfield tracing project! It's not due til next Monday, but here's a *small* sneak peak anyway. It's tiny, but you can click to enlarge.

I've decided I don't really like Adobe Illustrator, but I love Photoshop, so I'm hoping for the next project I'll feel a little more comfortable, having used Photoshop a lot and Illustrator, NEVER. Can't say I'd ever have a need to use it again either .. except maybe for future school projects.

* * *

I have an english paper due soon, on the topic of the question about human exposure to sun.

I've decided to write about how the sun rays can be dangerous, but can also be beneficial if not abused.

I'm going to title it "Practice Safe Sun."

I thought it was clever.

That is all.