Giggity, Giggity, Giggity ..

This picture made me laugh. I used to have a variation of it as my profile pic on another blog, so when I saw it with the bunny ears it just struck me as funny.

Today was .. ok, I guess. I had some stressful moments. I felt pretty physically drained all day , I guess from donating blood yesterday, but I feel better now.

It's getting so near the end of the quarter. This quarter FLEW by, and now it's nearly time to choose our classes for next quarter. I'll be taking my last english, my next-to-last math, and two art classes, one digital and one more hands on. I always schedule that way, so I can have to classes where I use my left brain and two where I use my right. It just seems to even out better that way.

I considered starting on my sciences, histories, or even ethics and getting them out of the way, but I really think I will save them for last. They were always the hard ones in high school, other than math. Lots of memorization and stuff. I'm not ready for that yet. Plus I heard that some, especially ethics, are really tough.

However, what is tough for some may be a breeze for me. I try not to put too much weight into believing what someone else says about a class until I take it myself.