If I could save time in a bottle.

I was gonna post my 5 favorite actresses. That's not gonna happen. Primarily because I'm busy, and I can't think of 5 that I even like. Uma Thurman is good, Penelope Cruz is good in a few movies .. but that's about as far as I get. There's some I *like* ... like, say Kirsten Dunst or Drew Barrymore, but I wouldn't go so far to say they are my favorite.


I had to buy 9 books for fall quarter! Only 4 have yet to arrive. I hope the others hurry because the quarter is coming soon. I would have needed 11 books but luckily two cool people let me borrow ones they had already bought and used in the past. I appreciate that.

It's scary to think about how much reading will be involved with 11 textbooks. But I guess since I'm just 3 credits away from being a junior, that doesn't mean my classes will be getting easier, huh?

It's scary to think about fall quarter at all. I'm taking 16 credit hours and they are all textbook-based classes (no major art projects or computer work, which is *sometimes* a nice escape from reading.) I'm still the editor of the English & Humanities newsletter and the bosses are already riding my ass about a target date deadline for fall (we haven't even finished the summer issue yet.) I'm still the news writer in the communications office for 15 hours a week, and I work another night/weekend job 30+ hours a week. There will be some days where I'll leave early in the morning and won't get home until after 11pm, starting as soon as next week =(

*sigh* If you do the math, that's like working 2 full time jobs. It's 61+ hours per week of working at my jobs and sitting in classrooms. That's not counting study time, sleep time, Paulie time, family time, lunchtime, dinner time, and just plain old ME time.

I have way too many irons in the fire. Something's gotta give.

I might continue on with the top 5 thing later, if I have time. Haha. Stay tuned.