I hurt all over.

I have a whole new kind of respect for disabled people.

Last night I couldn't climb my own stairs or even bend to sit down and soak in my bathtub.

I sat and slid one by one down the stairs (which I'm sure looked so stupid, but luckily nobody saw), and then crawled back up them.

Tonight I limped around all night at work and found my knee buckling a lot.

I'm going to try really hard to sit in the tub tonight so I can soak in some epsom salt.

My bruises have gone from purple to almost black, so at least I guess they are healing.

But my toe .. holy shit, it hurts so bad!

I can't stand to hardly think about it for very long let alone look at it or touch it. It's going to be a few days before I can deal with it properly I think.


Ahhh. I made it into the bath. Epsom salt is heaven! That stuff works gooooooood.