I just had a magnificent experience ..

.. in the shower! with a shampoo!

This is by far the BEST stuff I've ever used!

I loooooooove it.

I just decided to try it tonight so I bought a bottle of it and the matching conditioner. As you can see, they come in cute, funky, curvy purple bottles with captions on the back that say things like:

Use Me: Massage my creaminess in. Feel it hug your curves. Rinse out. Got spring fever yet?

and on the front label:

I'm deliciously bent, and your hair is too.

It even has silly but interesting trivia on the label!

Way more exhilirating than your drab, "Lather. Rinse. Repeat."

Anyway, it's SO nice .. and the french lavender and jade extracts make your hair smell SO good.

And it comes in a whole array of different types, and they all come in really cute, colorful bottles and have quirky names, like Drama Clean, None of Your Frizziness, and Hello Hydration.

Now I know why that girl on the commercials screams, "YES! YESSSSS! YESSSSSSSSSS!"


* * *

On a completely different note, I'm done with summer quarter. *sigh* I'm SO glad. It was a rough quarter and I only took 2 classes!

What was really cool today is I was walking out of my art history final and I heard my favorite-ever professor tell some students who were still sitting in the room, "Isn't she just so nice? I just love her!"

I was happy =) and it was a great thing to hear after a rough week.

He also gave me this neat little French vintage art magnet, for no reason at all. Just handed it to me and said, "Here, I brought this for you." He's always full of surprises. Another day he gave us all rain ponchos, and he gave a another girl in the class a funky necklace he found at a flea market.

I asked him just before my accident (the day I took my nasty spill down the stairs) if he would mind adopting me because I needed some Grandpa Guidance (because he was telling a story about his granddaughter) .. and his face lit up and he said, "SURE!" Then shortly after I fell, as he gave me his first-aid kit, he said, "I realize I just adopted you, but I have not had time to put you on my insurance yet. Sorry." haha =D

This was a junior-level art history and we sat around talking a lot, one day we had cake, another day we made stamps out of potatoes, and we went on a scavenger hunt. Most professors would die if they were to ever do anything fun like that.

In a town where the Skank Factor is so thick you can smell it, it's nice when there are still a select few who can just tickle your heart and make learning fun.