Warn me first, please?

Last night my husband and I walked out of Rachel Getting Married because the way it was filmed made us dizzy and sick.

The same way I like to know if a 3D video game is going to make me sick, would it be too much to ask to label movies the same way? It’s worse than any badly filmed home movie I’ve ever seen. The constant, whirring close-ups leave me feeling a way I’ve never felt before: it starts with dizziness, moves on to nausea and all-over warmth, to feeling like I’m going to collapse if I don’t get some fresh air. And when I finally do, it takes hours to feel like I’m back to normal again.

We wasted $13 on what I’m sure was a decent movie if we would have watched it on a smaller screen. If we would have known, we wouldn’t have chosen to see it in the first place in the theater. The same thing happened when we watched Cloverfield. I left the theater shaking, feverish and feeling as if I might puke, collapse or go into a seizure.

I’m researching to see why this happens to some and not others. I read some comments online where people have issues with the shaky camera action while others are not affected.

Is anyone else bothered by this? I would like to know if it’s related to migraines, epilepsy, or just a bad case of motion sickness. Please share if you have any personal stories or information on the subject.