Don't Abuse the Photoshop.

Lately I’ve noticed people who like to label themselves as graphic designers or graphic artists just because they like to play around with Photoshop and make cool, killer grphx to post on MySpace or wherever.

All I have to say to that is: Pthhhhbtthhbth!! Go get your degree and we’ll talk. Design is not easy. It’s a tough, competitive thing and takes much blood, sweat and tears.

It’s laughable to see someone using a Photoshop filter on a photo and calling it art. Not cool. I did that when I first began using Photoshop but now that I’m an actual graphic designer (and have the degree and work samples to prove it), I have seen the error of my ways and it makes my skin crawl to see how badly Photoshop is abused. In my classes in college, the only filter we were permitted to use was the Gaussian blur filter. And even that we could only use sparingly.

So here’s a cool article for everyone who is interested in learning to use Photoshop more effectively. I couldn’t have said it better.

12 Common Photoshop Mistakes and Malpractice

Read it over and then go do some tutorials! There are a ton of good sites out there where people have submitted quality tutorials to for using Photoshop in a professional way.